VIDEO: Mike Glennon and T.J. Graham

RALEIGH, NC -- Mike Glennon and T.J. Graham spoke with the media today following NC State's first practice of fall camp.

"It felt like all the previous springs did to me."

"All of these guys have been with me in the spring and going with the twos all throughout the fall so I'm very comfortable with them."

"We've got another 30 days to get better out here and we'll be good to go by Liberty."

"It's exciting... it's exciting to be back out here. It feels like the season just ended."

"I'll do the same thing I always do. I won't treat anything any different."

"I've done this in the spring ever year, it hasn't been that much different."

"Three years later it's a totally different game for me."

"I've been playing with him for a while... we've had good chemistry before. Now it's time to show it on the game field."

"I see it release."

"High velocity... deep ball, he can throw it easy. That's my type."

"Other guys lead differently, I've decided to lead my way."

"Bryan Underwood... that's my little man in waiting."

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