Washington Working Hard

NC State junior tailback James Washington says hard work will help him elevate his game to the next level. He talked with Pack Pride about the upcoming season in this Q&A.

Junior James Washington entered last year's  fall camp in a battle with Curtis Underwood for the starting spot at running back. Because of an injury to Mustafa Greene, Washington will go at it with Underwood again for a starting position in 2011.

After finishing his sophomore season with 215 yards rushing, Washington became the go-to guy in the backfield as he was named the starter for the final four games of last season. He'll certainly look to build on that and talked with Pack Pride about the upcoming season in this Q&A.

How does it feel to get back out on the field and start practicing again after a long offseason?
It feels real good. It feels like the spring just ended, but we've got to get out here and work hard and continue to progress during summer camp.

With Mustafa Greene being out, do you feel like that gives you an opportunity to go out and prove yourself even more?
Yeah, I feel like it is. But we're still working a two back system. I'm going to be the first guy but I've got Curt behind me (Curtis Underwood). I feel like it's a big opportunity for me since I wasn't able to do what I wanted to do last year.

What kind of improvements do you feel like you've made from last year?
The experience was key for me. Being able to read the defense and know what the linebacker's going to do so now I can take that to the practice field and use it to my advantage.

This is where you were last year on the depth chart. Does it feel different this year?
It feels a lot different. Last year I was at two and Curt was at one and this year it flipped. I feel like it's up to me to decide where I want to be.

What do you feel like you have to do to take command of that position?
I think we've got to be consistently good. That's what coach preaches. He says if you can be consistently good then you can be great.

Do you feel like there's a lot of question marks on the offense with a change at quarterback and some questions at wide receiver?
Yeah, I think it is because we lost a lot of seniors in those key positions. So we've just got to come out here and work every day and prove we can carry the load.

How is the team responding to Mike Glennon?
We've responded real good. We had him the whole spring so we just come into summer camp and will follow his lead and go from there.

How has the transition gone from playing under coach Swepson to coach Sands?
Coach Sands is more hands on. He wants things worked out differently whether it's pass pro or running routes. So we just have to adjust to the way he wants things run and go from there.

During the offseason, have you noticed anyone that really worked hard during that time and impressed you?
It was actually a walk-on...James Swindell. He comes in extra... earlier than everyone and puts in extra time. He's doing any and everything he can to show that he can play so I hope he gets a chance.

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