Fall Camp, Day 2: Tom O'Brien

NC State entered its second day of fall camp on Wednesday afternoon and head coach Tom O'Brien spoke with reporters afterwards.

Tom O'Brien Audio

"Just a normal day two. A little more zing today - the opening day jitters are over with and hopefully we'll get into more of a routine now."

"We can get exams out of the way the next two days then we can really start camp on Saturday."

"As I said yesterday I think they did a great job conditioning themselves and I think our training staff does a great job pushing the water. We take breaks when they need it - right now you are rotating three or four guys at a position. That's what this is for, this is the acclimatization period."

"They have to condition themselves [before they arrive at camp]. They have to get out, they have to run they have to do multiple things to get them ready to play. You can't just think you are going to get it done in 20 minutes."

"If we had an air-conditioned indoor facility we could go in there and we wouldn't have that problem."

"I've never had anything like [having three true freshman on special teams]. But we are forced into this. But I think we are very fortunate cause I think the kids are really mature kids. Watching them kick, both kids have strong legs. Our snapper gets a lot of revolutions flying back on the ball - its on a line and its going to be in a place where everybody can catch it. So its just a matter of them playing and getting some good experience under their belts. They are going to be fine."

"That's part of the South though. Football teams have learned to manage the heat forever. Just take more breaks, short periods, more rotations - it works."

"Once [JR Sweezy] put his hand on the ground and gained some weight it became obvious to us that he would be much better inside than he would outside or standing up."

"We have some walk-on kids that are behind them that can kick and if we have to we'll go with them."

"Generally the specialists are a position in college football where you sign one of each. So in a lot of cases there's not two or three scholarship guys at that spot fighting for a job because you just can't afford that with the limited scholarships we have."

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