Fall Camp, Day 3: Tom O'Brien

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tom O'Brien met with the media following Thursday's practice and discussed the heat, experience on both the offensive and defensive lines and how the mood changes once full pads get put on.

Tom O'Brien Audio

"It was just another grind it out day, another hot day. It was a good day to practice in, we need this kind of weather. Last year we played two games, Central Florida, which was worse than this and we played Georgia Tech that was worse than this. The second game of the year we have to go to Wake Forest and play on the astroturf at this time of day, it could be this hot or hotter. So while it's not optimal it's good to get out and get in it a little bit just to say you've done it."

"That's what we have to do by regulation so we have one more day of shoulder pads and then we can go in full pads."

"The experience up front will help some of those kids. They have to take it upon themselves to make it work. There is always something part of the coverage too. One thing that we haven' t done a good job of is re-routing people in the secondary. If they re-route and throw the timing off it helps the down four get there. It makes the quarterback hold the ball that extra second to give them the time to get there."

"They have to push the pocket and get the pocket in the quarterbacks lap so he has trouble stepping up and throwing the ball. That sets him off his rhythm. They need to get a push and collapse the pocket."

"It's a little different, it changes. The main focal point right now is that everyone is getting to class and getting their things done. Once we get to Saturday and start camp we can focus on football. Certainly what you look for is any improvement by the older guys and certainly of the freshmen that may stand out."

"The freshmen are going against the freshmen pretty much right now. They are not going against first guys. Good goes against good and that's the only way I think you can get better. Not that they are bad, but they have to learn to be good."

"It's the same thing with the guys on defense that have played. There is not a lot of thought process to it, there is recognition and then movement. They are getting off the ball, they understand what they are supposed to do. They can concentrate more, work their fundamentals to where they are supposed to be and when they are supposed to be there. That is all a matter of experience."

"The first scrimmage, you like to see the defense tackle and the offense hold onto the football. That's the best thing you can take out of the first one because those are the few things that you haven't done to this point because we don't ever go to the ground, we don't ever tackle. We don't do those things so the first time the guys carrying the ball really get thumped and are they going to hold onto the ball and if the defense is going to be able to tackle. A lot of occasions they say 'I got you' but it doesn't happen when guys are running hard and making cuts they need to make. I would hope so, at this point."

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