O'Brien Talks Scrimmage

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met the media following Monday's scrimmage, which was the first of fall camp. He discussed stats, the effort of the offense and defense and the need to improve before the second scrimmage.

Tom O'Brien Audio

"Base, just base offense, base defense. Just getting lined up. We weren't going to trick anybody. Fundamental running plays, fundamental passing plays, fundamental defense, fundamental coverage, didn't want to outsmart everybody. We gave everybody a chance to see if they could play and play fast."

"It goes back to the same problem, the glass is half empty or its half full, it depends on if you are coaching the offense or defense, you are going to find something good and bad with everything. The defense made it awful tough to run the football there for a while. That was the emphasis to start with and then we threw the ball a little bit and got them loosened up a little and were able to get a few runs going. The defense is going to be fine they are just going to have to keep working like everybody else."

"[Mike Glennon] was very poised. He moves well in the pocket, he feels pressure, he made a lot of right decisions. I'm sure Coach [Dana] Bible may disagree when he grades the tape but he threw to the right guy and was pretty accurate."

"The snaps were good. When you kick four out of five field goals that is a pretty good day for your first effort out there. Once again, very poised, strong leg and kicking a couple of 41-yard field goals is a pretty good effort the first time out of the box. It's something to build on."

"We caught the ball, we punted the ball. We want to be a little better at that. The best thing is to get it up there and not return it and it's not as much the yardage so that's something. But it's the same, he did a good job. As a I said, he caught the ball and got it away. We didn't get one blocked."

"We had six tailbacks, six kids played. They all had their chances to make something happen. Sometimes it depends on what is called and when it is called. That's still a thing that we have to resolved. As I said it wasn't about getting a ton of plays it was about getting guys a lot of work so that we could make some evaluations and move forward."

"We had three penalties, two of them were pre-snap on the offense, procedure penalties. That's a pretty good day, I think we had 80 some plays. That is a good day that way."

"The new guys have to take the cue from the older guys. They don't get in there until we are about 45 or 50 plays into the scrimmage. They've had a good time to sit there and watch and understand the pace of things and the way it is supposed to go. For the most part the freshmen and walk-on groups go against each other at this point."

"No injury to report, same thing that I've done in the past. If there is an injury that will cause somebody to miss the first game I'll let you know. We're where we've been, we've got bumps and bruises but that is true of camp anytime."

"Everybody will be given something, in one way shape or form, to get better before we scrimmage again. That will be determined by the coaches and we'll sit down and evaluate the film. We aren't going to practice tomorrow. We'll sit down tomorrow night and figure out where we are going to go from here and give figure out who has to work on what."

"It was very good, especially the defense and veteran guys. Glennon is playing like he's played his whole life so there are a lot of guys out there that play with a lot of poise. There is a lot of enthusiasm because there is good competition right now between the offense and defense. They have a pretty good thing going against each other and that's how you get better."

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