O'Brien: 'We're Here To Win Them All'

RALEIGH, NC -- Head coach Tom O'Brien addressed the media during NC State's annual Media Day event on Saturday.

AUDIO: Tom O'Brien Press Conference

Injury Update:
There is no prognosis. The only guy right now that has had surgery is Christophe and we don't have any other injury to report.

Thoughts on potential expansion and FSU or Clemson leaving the league:
I haven't heard that and having been a part of this before on the other side, there is no sense commenting now until there are some factual things behind it. I don't have anything to say at this point.

I think you have to call Clemson and Florida State.

Thoughts on the true freshmen specialists:
We felt very comfortable... we've had kids come to camp, get to know them, and assess what we think is their abilities... all three of these kids came to our camp, they were all three guys that, in our opinions, were the first guys we wanted to recruit and sign. Not only because of their physical abilities, but also their mental makeup.

They have the right approach... it's important that we help them get off to a great start. I haven't seen anything to speak to me that we didn't make right choices in who these three kids are.

Is Niklas Sade similar to Steven Hauschka?
Steven Hauschka was a proven product when we got him. Can he be that way in four years? He might be better.

Is Tyler Brosius the backup quarterback?
Right now he's getting most of the snaps at backup. We test him each and every day at practice and certainly when we go to scrimmage situations. Plan B, when we put a depth chart together we'll have a Plan B.

How confident in him are you?
You'll have to ask me that question as we head into Liberty.

How different will the offense look with Mike Glennon at quarterback?
The thing we're assessing right now and working through is trying to find what his strengths are. Whatever his strengths are, the offense will take its cue from those strengths.

Notable Quotes:
"The defense is playing a lot faster at this point than they were a year ago because there is a lot of experience there right now."

"You look at the way they played the last five weeks of the season, that was pretty good defense."

"Audie is certainly the key figure there because he is the quarterback of the defense."

"The passing game is obviously something that we have to continue to work on. The problem is they are just one facet of it. You've got to protect, you've got to throw, and you've got to catch."

"What we haven't developed on offense is any sense of consistency."

"Too many dropped balls last night."

"They come in key situations where you've got to make catches to keep it going."

"The next scrimmage is all situational."

"The leading ground gainer against us the last five games was the quarterback at West Virginia."

"Where we're consistent on defense, we're not consistent on offense right now."

"We ran the ball better last night, so that's an encouraging thing for us... to get better against that run defense we've been playing against."

"We're not allowed to watch offseason [workouts] so don't get me in an NCAA violation."

"It may play out that way, but a lot of good football teams play that way."

"I don't think he gets flustered. I haven't seen that of him at all... he's done a good job that way. I don't think he's going to get upset by a lot of things out there. He's going to keep grinding it out."

"We're playing six guys. A lot of guys are repping. The four guys getting the most are Washington, Underwood, Creecy, and Barnes."

"I don't figure it out. They are goig to figure it out for me. It's what we see on the tape. Don't tell me you're going to be good, show me you are good."

"Nobody owns the jersey. NC State owns the jersey."

"[A.J. Ferguson] has been working in there a good amount. I think he had his most extensive work last night."

"He hasn't come to complain to me."

"I think they've done a good job so far. One of the things they've got to do is make sure they play. Being a captain is a good honor, but the best thing they can do is go out there and play at a high level."

"We'll know better in a couple of weeks as to if Duran will be able to make it for the opener or not."

"The three guys that have played a lot of football for us, Kuhn, Sweezy, and Rieskamp, are playing at a high level. Frandsen, Cato-Bishop, they are both fighting for that job there at the other end.

"Art Norman has done a nice job. He's one of the young kids like Ferguson... Brian Slay, he's been in games too."

"Norman and Frandsen are looking pretty good for us with what the are doing at end."

"Cato-Bishop was like the fifth end and fifth tackle so he's never really settled in at a position. It's better for him to settle in at that one end position which will help us. We don't need him to do those things now."

"I think he's excited about the opportunity and is looking forward to the challenge."

"The key is him making plays out there."

"That's another thing that has to be proven until you play a game."

"We're here to win them all, each and every game. That's successful here... that's what our goals are and that's not going to change."

"On the football team we certainly have more depth than we have in year's past. That's a positive thing."

"One year I praised our offensive line at Boston College, and we went to West Virginia and they crushed us."

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