New Leader For Allen?

Last month Pack Pride reported that NC State had surged into the lead for big-time 2013 defensive end Jonathan Allen. Is that still the case?

Last month Pack Pride reported that NC State had surged into the lead for big-time 2013 defensive end Jonathan Allen.

The Ashburn (VA) Stone Bridge prospect is one of the region's most coveted among all rising juniors, due in large part to his rare combination of size (6-3, 225), speed and tenacity. Allen probably has the potential to play either linebacker or defensive end in college. Either way, he's a terror off the edge and a match up nightmare for opposing offenses, regardless of where he lines up.

In July, Allen said NC State was his favorite after visiting the school. Is that still the case?

"I wouldn't say that right now," Allen said. "I just don't know. Florida's been talking to me so I've been liking them lately. They're just saying they want me to come down for an unofficial visit. That's pretty much it."

It seems pretty early in the relationship between the Gators and Allen so it's far from a given that Florida will be offering him, much less making him a big recruiting priority.

If Florida did offer would it be tough for Allen to turn them down?

"I would have to go visit," he said. "They would definitely be one of my favorites. I've followed them a lot and I just like Florida, the state. It's right by the beach so it's a good location."

None of that means NC State has done anything to hurt its position.

"I like NC State because of their facilities but mostly because I really, really like Coach (Keith) Willis. That's it more than anything. I'm still very interested in them. I'm going to talk to Coach Willis sometime soon. The last time we spoke was at their camp around July 16."

More recently Allen attended one of UVa's practices. The Wahoos are sure to make him a big target, as will Virginia Tech.

"I went to Virginia on Saturday with Ryan Burns (an elite 2013 quarterback prospect, also from Stone Bridge) and it was my first time visiting the campus. We talked to the coaches and toured the facilities. We went to campus and saw the practice. I thought it was really high tempo and good.

"I talked to (defensive line) Coach (Jeff) Hanson on Saturday and that was the first time I've ever talked to him. He was pretty cool, a real nice guy."

"Overall it was pretty nice. I'm still looking at a lot of colleges so I can't determine a lot."

While UVa and Virginia Tech are sure to target Allen, he has no problem with the idea of leaving the state.

"Leaving the state is no big deal for me," he noted.

Allen also said that he and Burns, his teammate, are likely to make their own decisions independent of one another. They have not discussed the possibility of attending college together in a serious way.

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