Camp Q&A: Bryan Underwood

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Redshirt freshman wide receiver Bryan Underwood talks with Pack Pride about the upcoming season.

How has camp been going for you?
Things have been going good. I'm trying to learn the playbook everyday. I'm staying positive and doing what I'm supposed to do. Things are going pretty good though.

Was there been anything hard to overcome early in camp?
The most difficult thing has probably been getting two positions under my belt. Last year I only had one to focus on, and I had it pretty much down pat.

I came back this year, and they gave me two. It's kind of rough, but I'm working hard to get better at it.

Which two positions did you have to learn?
Slots... well basically outside and inside.

Which did you play last year?
[Last year] I was playing outside.

Are there any differences between the two positions?
There is not really any difference. The slot is a lot for the speedy guys and outside is for bigger people.

How did redshirting help you develop?
I redshirted last year so that slowed the game down for me. It allowed me to get up to the college pace and stay focused.

What did you learn from last year's senior wide receivers?
I learned a lot. There are so many different ways to release, different combination of routes, how to run routes to get open.

I learned a lot watching them on the field and watching film on them.

What has it been like working with Mike Glennon?
He's a great guy. Mike has a good arm, and he keeps everybody moving. He gets you open, and he gets the ball to you easily.

What do you do well?
I'm pretty quick, and I have good separation speed.

What do you need to work on?
I would say I need to work on getting in the playbook better and working on my release. I'd say other than that I'm pretty solid on everything.

How excited are you with the first game a couple of weeks away?
I'm really excited, but I'm just taking everything one day at a time getting ready for that first game.

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