Official Visit Roster

NC State has already hosted several official visitors for the class of 2012. Pack Pride takes a look at the players most likely to make an official visit over the coming months.

Under head coach Tom O'Brien, NC State has been very efficient with it's official visits and with the Pack looking to land roughly 6-8 more prospects, these trips will be critical over the next three months. Pack Pride takes a look at the players most likely to visit NC State during that period. Note- (L) indicates who Pack Pride believes to be the leader

No. Pos. Name Visit Schools
1 ATH Lakeith Walls Sept 16 NCS, PITT, LOU, NW, DK
2 CB Chris Bivens Sept 3 NCS, USF (L), ARK, TT
3 CB Marchez Coates Possible NCS, PITT (commit)
4 DE Tyler Knox Sept 16 NCS commit
5 DE Alex McCalister Possible NCS, UNC, FLA (L), ND, GT (L)
6 DE Noah Spence Slim NCS, PSU (L), UNC, FLA, MD, ND
7 DT Korren Kirvin Slim NCS, VT (L), AUB, BAMA
8 LB Khalil Pettway Likely NCS, SMU (L), WASHST, WVU
9 LB Schyler Miles Possible NCS (L), WVU (L), IOWAST, CIN
10 LB Tashon Whitehurst Likely NCS, SYR (L), IOWAST, CIN
11 LB Tyrone Neal Slim
12 OL Bryce Kennedy Oct 1 UNC commit
13 OL Adam Pankey Oct 1 NCS, ILL, PITT
14 OL J.J. Patterson Slim NCS,UNC (L)
15 OL Alex Jauregui Possible NCS, UGA, GT, FLA, FSU, MIA
16 OL Terry Davis Sept 3 NCS commit
17 RB Shadrach Thornton Oct 1 NCS, UK (commit), VANDY, GT
18 RB Todd Gurley Possible NCS, UNC(L), AUB, VT, UGA
19 RB Abner Logan Likely NCS, UCONN, MD, NW, SYR
20 S Jarnor Jones Possible NCS, MTSU (commit)

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