Weekly PC: Audie Cole

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior linebacker Audie Cole spoke with the media today to discuss the season opener against Liberty.

Audie Cole Press Conference

"We play Liberty this week and a lot of people say things because they are I-AA, but as coach has taught us, until you win the game you have to treat them with as much respect as you can."

"We don't know what to look for. We don't know what is coming."

"Like coach said, every year some team gets upset in a game that they shouldn't lose, and we're just trying to make it not us."

"We have to bring the right mindset and do it."

"I think we're at a good point right now, but the first game you can kind of lose your head there for a second. We've got to make sure we stay focused and do exactly what we've got to do."

"Now it's only five days away."

"I kind of hope that is how it is, that the defense has to carry it because it's great to take responsibility for what you have to do. In the past we haven't had the greatest defense but I think this is our year to give the offense a break and keep low-scoring games."

"I think it's the defense's year this year."

"J.R. is obviously a big loss, losing him for a few years, but I think we have a lot of veterans out there on the field."

"Playing with Terrell has been great. We have a fun time everyday in practice. We're always having a fun time."

"In the last two scrimmages the offense was bringing it at us a lot more."

"Mike is a more confident in himself now. He tries to make the tough throws in practice."

"He's a big running quarterback. He seems to be the best athlete on their team. They want the ball in his hands. He reminds me a lot of the quarterback we played at Central Florida and West Virginia's quarterback."

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