O'Brien Updates Depth Chart, Injury Situation

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against Virginia.

Tom O'Brien Press Conference

"I don't think [Mustafa Greene] is still right. We talked and I think it's best for him to continue... he'll have another surgery on his foot. It's nothing... it's just to take some stuff out."

"I think it's scheduled for here in the next week. He just has to take out the plate that was in there."

"He was a really good back last year and was better in the spring until he went down. Certainly it's a situation now where he's gone and Gentry is still up in the air. Your backfield is not what it was."

"[Mike London] is a really good coach. He's passionate, he's really enthusiastic."

"This is a big, powerful football team on both sides of the ball. Nine of their 11 guys on defense are juniors or seniors, a lot of experience."

"I don't have any idea. You guys make the ratings, not me. You guys figure it out."

"We've played from day one without [Greene] and made plans to do it. The only kink in that has been Curtis Underwood, who hasn't been able to get back on the practice field yet which led to Creecy getting more and more time."

"Washington was a given, we knew what we had there... the question was Washington and who will be the running game?"

"He's been able to handle a lot of carries, he always has. He came in at a pretty good level and I think he has picked his game up every week."

"It's reflected in the two-deep. I think the only guy back is Ferguson from before. We're going to stick with McGill because Ferguson is coming back from an injury, and let him back up. We'll see if we can get him through a game and help us."

"Time always helps. Time is a great healer. The way we are set up now is probably how we're going to have to play the rest of the year. This is who and what we are. We've got to find a way to make this work."

"[Jeff Rieskamp's shoulder] hasn't made any progress what so ever. None. So, I think he's looking at, we're going to have to re-MRI him and see what the situation is. I would think within the next week or ten days a decision will be made on him too."

"He could probably go for the sixth year, but he's not interested. He was one of the guys that missed a year ago, the whole year... but he's not interested in coming back for a sixth year. He hasn't been in my discussions with him, but maybe that will change. Right now, No."

"Each game [Mike Glennon] gets better in his decision-making process. I think has become pretty apparent. He's putting the ball to the right guy at the right time now."

"As we go along, a lot of those things are allowing him to become more of a leader on offense."

"He's got his job figured out. He did a nice job at the end of the last game, milking the clock, running the clock out."

"His poise has been remarkable. He's unflappable, or has been."

"The game is not too big for him."

"It puts more pressure on the secondary because we haven't been able to create the pass rush. Our two best pass rushers, Rieskamp and Sweezy on the inside and outside, have basically played one game the whole year."

"Certainly if we can get a little more pressure out of those four it would help the other guys behind them."

"I'm worried about beating Virginia. We need to get to four first before we can get to seven."

"Anytime you can run the ball, that makes the play-action passing game very good."

"Sweezy is being re-evaluated to see where he is, and Teal just got the boot off his foot and is walking in a shoe for the first time."

"[Teal] is probably two weeks minimum I would think."

"I haven't been to Charlottesville since June of '97 when we left. I've been to Fork Union recruiting."

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