Weekly PC: George Bryan & Earl Wolff

RALEIGH, NC -- George Bryan and Earl Wolff met with the media on Monday afternoon to discuss the Pack's upcoming game with Wake Forest.

Earl Wolff

"Seven turnovers – I didn't even know it was that many until after the game when Coach O'Brien was talking about it."

"[Greene] talks about it all the time about how much more physical he is just playing with the linebackers - having to hit the tight ends and the fullbacks every day. He's a real physical guy."

"Slay played a great game. I was really happy for him and it just gives him confidence."

"After I stripped the ball I was the lead blocker. He was rolling."

"He was running pretty fast. It surprised me. He was running about a 4.4"

"We just have to adjust to [Wake's] atmosphere. We just have to play our game – prepare mentally and physically and just be ready for Saturday."

"I looked at the scoreboard a couple of time and was like ‘Man we really have to play. We have to step it up.' It was a little, I'm not gonna say nerve-wracking, but I wasn't prepared – nobody was prepared to see that on the scoreboard."

"We know we are going against a more experienced group. Last year [Wake] didn't throw the ball as much, but this week we plan on having way more of that."

George Bryan

"We started off slow. I just think we had to work out the kinks a little bit – you know first game jitters. I think we came together in the second half and later in the first half. I thought we finished well."

"It's going to be a pretty tough challenge but I think we are definitely up for it. We just have to prepare ourselves this week and get ready for a good team. Wake Forest is a really good team – they are fresh this early in the season and they are playing hard. It's gonna be a good game."

"We haven't won there in 10 years .That's a long time to not win at a place and hopefully we can change that."

"Curtis is playing with a really good passion right now. He runs it well and it he runs it hard and I think that's the type of back that we need. He's always getting yards – he never really gets tackled in the backfield and he's always moving forward."

"I got covered pretty well from the beginning of the game. The first play there were three guys on me and the first ball that Mike threw there were three guys around me. I felt like I could have run my routes a little better in the first game - I'm not saying they covered me the whole time I didn't have the best route-running game to get open."

"Hopefully I'll catch one. Or two. Or five."

"[Glennon] came in and I thought he did a really good job. I thought he lived up to the hype of what everyone thought he was going to do and was even better. I think he's going to keep getting better."

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