O'Brien: Givens Is A Concern

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tom O'Brien met the media following Thursday's practice and discussed his team with the ACC opener against Wake Forest just a couple of days away.

Tom O'Brien Audio

"I don't release it anyways, it's the trainer, the doctor releases it."

"We're going to have to cover [Chris Givens] really well. He did a heckuva job, got a lot of single coverage, beat a lot of people. We've certainly got to be aware of where he is. He made a lot of big plays for them."

"[Givens has] got really good speed and made some really nice catches. He's got great hands. He gets himself open and makes the catches. A lot of it was deep balls. He just ran by guys. He ran through coverages, over coverages, whatever. We have to be prepared."

"They were in a funk when we played them last year. The quarterback, they weren't protecting him, he was throwing interceptions. He was a freshman playing last year. He's learned from that. They are doing a much better job with him, protecting him... he's playing a heckuva lot better than he was at the point of November last year. He's a whole different kid."

"They are well-coached. They are good schematically and figure out where your holes are. They are pretty good at attacking what your weaknesses are. They always have, whether it's a defense taking advantage of an offense or a defense taking advantage of a defense."

"They went from being a 17% pressure team last year to, I think they were 47% of the time against Syracuse. We're going to see pressure up front and they are going to get after us. We're going to have to be able to withstand that."

"We're going to have to be able to play 60 minutes on defense. We just can't play and kind of go out there. It's going to be a solid, 60-minute game that we have to play on both sides of the ball."

"They've played better. They've beat us. We have to go play better than them. It's pretty simple."

"That doesn't mean they can't do it. They ran option the other night against Syracuse a couple of times. They still have all of those elements in their offense."

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