Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Pack's 34-27 loss to Wake Forest on Saturday.

Mike Glennon

"We got back in the game and thought we had them, we were hoping to end that streak but unfortunately came up short."

"I think we fought, we just had a slow start and didn't execute in the beginning."

"I just kind of kept playing my game and took what the defense gave me."

"I can put the ball in a little better place on some of those [drops] definitely."

George Bryan

"We didn't play good enough is basically what it came down to."

"We couldn't put the ball in the red zone, we settled for some field goals. Which aren't bad but they were scoring touchdowns and we needed to score touchdowns too."

"I think that he's definitely going to come with a different demeanor to practice. He let us know that we need to change some things and I definitely think we do – that's on the captains, the seniors. We have to step up. We all need to start working harder in practice and getting after it."

Tobias Palmer

"As a unit we were less focused on trying to get open and we were just worried about the defenders making contact with us and at the time we just weren't in our game."

"The energy wasn't there. Usually we were pumped up and ready to go and it was like we were dead today."

"It was tough because we got ourselves in the hole and we were trying to dig ourselves of – which we did a pretty good job of coming back but its just plays and assignments that we didn't have."

"We need to have more heart."

Audie Cole

"We didn't perform like we should have. We have to get our assignments right."

"I think we knew what we were doing we were just making mistakes. One thing led to another and then we were down 20 at halftime. It was just a poor effort on our part."

"Anytime someone gets out to a pretty quick start like that it just changes to the tempo of the game and the feeling of everyone around."

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