PC: Bishop, Graham Meet The Media

RALEIGH, NC -- Brandan Bishop and T.J. Graham met with the media on Monday afternoon to discuss the Pack's upcoming game with South Alabama.

Brandan Bishop

"It hurts us definitely. Any time you have some of your best linemen out it's going to effect you, but I don't think that's any excuse for the way we played Saturday. I certainly think we have guys that are capable up front. For the end result to be as poor as it was, there is no excuse."

"To learn from it. It was ugly and there were a lot of reasons why it was ugly. The good thing is everything is fixable and we'll go back to work this week and we'll correct those things."

"I'd say it was an all around terrible effort. Embarrassing, to say the least. Breakdowns in coverage, breakdowns in communication. Obviously it wasn't a very good day for us."

"We certainly came out in the second half and played a little bit better. We got a three-and-out on the first possession and that seemed to be the problem in the first half. We'd get in third down situations and they'd convert. It would be third and 10, third and 15 and it was just demoralizing when they were moving the chains and we're trying to get off the field. We did a better job in the second half with that."

"The blueprint it out there with what teams can do to us and what teams are going to want to do to us the rest of the way. Until we stop it. Tackling in space and limiting the yards after catch is a big thing for us."

"I think our defense can be very good. We've got the talent, we've got the guys but we need to put it all together and come out a lot better than we did Saturday."

"J.R. is still around the team, it's not like he's missing. He's one of our captains and he's still there every day. From a leadership perspective I don't think we've completely lost him but obviously he's one of our best players so it hurts that he's not out on the field. Hopefully he'll be back in the next couple of weeks but for the time remaining we have to step up and fill that void."

T.J. Graham

"I didn't understand what was going on at first. [Coach O'Brien] said we were going to go out there and watch a lot of film. He said we're not going to practice. I was ready to get out there and practice and get ready for South Alabama. It's his decision. We're used to getting yelled at all the time and he kind of said we're not going to practice. I expect us to go out there and have a tough practice, something different."

"You make your greatest strides from the first to second game, and you could clearly see that. We built on the first game and made it 10 times better for the second game."

"A lot of tennis ball drills. Multiple tennis balls, two in one hand, spinning around in circles trying to make yourself dizzy and catching tennis balls. Throwing two tennis balls at a time, throwing them as hard as you can at each other. We did it after seven-on-seven stuff. Maybe if we were in our rooms we would throw them at each other in a close environment, dim the lights a little bit so it's hard to see."

"Nothing really, if Mike throws a pick it's our fault. We didn't get in the way of the defender to block the ball or something like that. On that play I actually kind of slipped on the ground and I told Mike that's not going to happen again. I need to keep my footing. I took ownership on that."

"It's a game changer and it's going to help the team out. If we're struggling on offense or defense special teams is going to help us get over the hump. It's going to excited the defense or the offense, or both. It has to be a spark."

"Me and Tobais compete a lot. From high school we've competed. We always make each other better. Those two years he wasn't here I didn't have anybody my style. When he got here last year it helped me. I could feed off him and he could feed off me. It's fun, just competing."

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