Gentry, Kuhn Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Taylor Gentry and Markus Kuhn discussed Thursday's game against Cincinnati with the media today.

Taylor Gentry

"That adds to it. It's like you're on a bigger stage. You want to show the world who NC State football is, and we want to go out there and show who we are and what we can do."

"I'm still sore from Saturday's game... you just fight through it, push through it. It all depends on how much you can transition... how quick can you get ready for Thursday's game?"

"It's more of getting your body right and executing the offense for us. We know the plays, we have the plays installed already."

"Coach Bible, in the meeting yesterday he was definitely ready to go."

"He's come along great. I came in with [Glennon]. The first ball I ever caught from him about took the skin off my hands... my goal is to catch the ball for him."

"I've always kind of flown under the radar with teams and defenses."

"George has a huge target on his back."

Markus Kuhn

"It's always bad if we have a starter going down. It's another thing where a starter goes down and a young guy steps up."

"We've had bad luck with injuries and I guess this year is the year of the defense. The guys are getting better and hopefully some of the other guys will get back soon."

"We're ready to be as good of a defense as we can be."

"Coach O'Brien and coach Petercuskie always say special teams is effort."

"I try to go as hard as I can and hopefully I get one."

"We took it easy yesterday, we pretty much prepared in the meeting rooms and watched a lot of film."

"That's why we play college football and we like to play those games."

"We play a lot of snaps so we have to try and get our legs back."

"We have to be really conscious with our assignments."

"We have to set the tone and create a new line of scrimmage, push the offensive line back and disturb their running lanes."

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