O'Brien: Manning Out Three Weeks

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tom O'Brien announced after practice today that linebacker Terrell Manning would miss three weeks with a knee injury.

Tom O'Brien

Do you have a Terrell Manning update?
Three weeks... it will be a three week rehab.

Three weeks sounds like good news.
If you think good news is he's out three weeks. It is what it is. We'll play without him.

Dwayne Maddox will have to step up and play a great game on Thursday night and for the next three weeks.

Thoughts on practice:
They've been fine. For a short week and what we've asked of them these two days, they've responded well.

Work on anything new in practice?
Getting the guys prepared and lined up to play for what we think we'll see Thursday night. It's a quick turnaround and they present problems offensively and defensively. We've got to try and solve those two problems.

We've used these two days and then tomorrow will be a modified practice walk-through.

Do you enjoy Thursday night games?
I enjoy the opportunity to play. I don't enjoy the short week, but Thursday night is certainly an opportunity... I've been around a long time to know Thursday night used to be the game in college football that everybody watched. It was a chance to showcase your university.

Even with all the games on TV it's still something special because it basically kicks off the weekend.

There will be a lot of Russell Wilson talk on the actual broadcast. Are you okay with that with where you are?
Yes. You know, we wish Russell well. He's in a good situation for him, and we're in a good situation with Mike Glennon.

Thoughts on Cincinnati tailback Isaiah Pead:
He's really good. I think he was the leading ground-gainer in the Big East last year and is again this year. He's an explosive, powerful guy.

We're going to have to tackle him.

They run some Wildcat. Can you talk about the challenge of that?
It's always a challenge. In a lot of cases it's not an extensive package but you have to understand what they are doing out of it and why they are doing it.

How special is it for you to play a game up there?
It's always fun to go home. I haven't had the opportunity... I can go home, I have a lot of friends. It's going to be a good night hopefully for the Wolfpack.

Guys like Dana [Bible], who played at the stadium, Don Horton, who grew up there, and we've got a lot of kids going back who are Ohio kids.

For a lot of guys it's going to be special on Thursday night.

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