Palmer: 'We're Going To Bring It'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior wide receiver Tobais Palmer talks with Pack Pride about Thursday's game against Cincinnati.

NC State junior wide receiver Tobais Palmer talks with Pack Pride about Thursday's game against Cincinnati.


It seems like you're now being used in different phases for the team. Can you talk about that?
I enjoy it. The coaches have me involved in a lot, and the coaches feel as though I can be a playmaker. I go out there and try to make the best of it.

You're a quick guy and it seems you've been used a lot lately in the middle of the field against linebackers.
One-on-one with a linebacker, I feel with my speed and agility that I have a huge advantage over linebackers.

Do you believe the offense is starting to hit its stride?
Yes, we're improving every week. Right now there is no time for us to take steps back... we can only take steps forward.

How do you feel about playing on Thursday night on national television?
It's going to be big. We're the only game on television that night so we're practicing every day hard until Thursday. We're going to bring it.

Is there an awareness that all the coaches and college players will be watching you?
Even the teams that play us in our conference, they are going to be scouting us and seeing what they've got to go against... what our weaknesses and strengths are.

We've just got to come out and play.

Did you talk to Curtis after his touchdown? Did he give you credit for your blocking?
[Laughing] I got a lot of credit, but I give most of the credit to him for running and making it into the endzone.

We were both congratulating each other in the back of the endzone when he scored.

What were your thoughts when the coaches put you on special teams, covering kicks?
Last week it was a shock that coach put me on special teams, and I went in and told him I'd do it... I'd give it my best shot.

I went in and did what I had to do to get the job done.

Talk about your development in the offense.
I know starting off the first game I had to get the hang of playing in front of 50-plus, and getting comfortable with everything.

As we went into week two with Wake Forest, week three with South Alabama, and now Cincinnati, I'm starting to get more comfortable with the offense. Me and Mike Glennon, we're starting to click more and as a core we're all clicking and getting the understanding of the offense.

You, Mike, and T.J. committed four years ago, is this what you envisioned?
I did but there is still more work to get done. We're still trying to get out there everyday.

You and T.J. compete a lot. How big is that for you as far as development?
We come out here everyday and try to get better, and we feed off of each other. I feed off his speed and the way he knows the offense... the things he has learned from the other guys.

I think we're teaching each other everyday.

How tough is this turnaround, having to play just a few days after a game?
It's more physical. We're beat up right now, and we're trying to get our body right. But we're focused, and we're going to do what we have to do.

Do you think it would be easier if it was a home game?
It would be easier if we were playing at home, but we've got to prove we can win on the road as well. We've just got to come and play.

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