O'Brien: 'We Are Going To Coach Them Up'

RALEIGH, NC -- Head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media on Monday afternoon to discuss the Pack's upcoming game against Georgia Tech.

Tom O'Brien

"Not really. If you look at the second series, Audie Cole comes off the edge, forces a fumble. We have two guys with a chance to get it, we don't get it. Same drive, it's third down, we don't contain the quarterback and get out of a third and long. Later, we end up with a third and five and get a roughing the passer penalty and then the next down we don't contain the quarterback and he runs in. Until we start doing the fundamental things you have to do on defense we're not going to be very good."

"We're not where we thought we would be or could be and the reason is we're going to start the fifth different defensive lineup of the year in the fifth game of the year. We haven't had a defensive football team out there yet that, after the second or third week of camp, we thought we would be playing with."

"We're down four defensive tackles now, we only have two defensive tackles left to play this game. We moved Cato-Bishop inside, we're going to play with a walk-on inside and that's where we are. We are going to coach them up and get them ready to play a football game. You can't play if you don't have your guys there to play."

"I thought we'd be a winning football program and a bowl team. I don't think there's any question. Whether we'd be challenging for the conference championship at that point. Generally it takes five years to install your program, to get it going and up-and-running. The injury thing is the thing that's been so... every time we take a step forward we take two steps backwards. This is like year three again. One, three, and five have been..."

"You look at last year's tape. You've got Rieskamp, you've got Sweezy, you've got Mageo, and you've got Akinniyi backed up by Lemon, Augustin, Cato-Bishop, and Slay. They were playing with Irving, Manning, and Cole. Well those guys played all year last year so you got better each and every game."

"You look at five games now, there is a different grouping in that front seven than we've had so it's hard to be consistent, it's hard to do some of the things we have to get done, but, nobody is feeling sorry for us so we have to get it done."

"[Darryl Cato-Bishop] has played tackle before, he played tackle last year. He's bigger, 270 pounds, so he's got to go inside and help us out right now. We don't have any other bodies to play with."

"This offense is always hard to play because it's unique. It's a great challenge for your football team. You are going to find out the guys that are disciplined, the guys that are mentally tough because it forces you to concentrate on your assignment each and every play. You can't not play your assignment because that's all it takes to get you beat."

"The thing [Georgia Tech] is doing so much better right now is they are throwing the ball. It's 230 some yards a game, they are rushing for 400 a game. That's mind-boggling right now. The wide receiver is averaging 40 yards a catch, that's pretty big numbers. At the end of the year last they decided they were going to get into the passing game and it certainly helps because it takes a lot of your support and it puts pressure on the perimeter."

"[Mustafa Greene and J.R. Sweezy] haven't been cleared yet, so, I don't know."

"Somewhere by the open week all those things have to be made. We keep playing and then we make a decision once you get through the first half of the year [on redshirting Greene]."

We've got this game this week and we have to do the best we can to win the football game. That's what we're committed to do. So no, it's never too late. It's going to take a great effort but I think we're capable of it."

"Offensively, the thing we have to do more is stay on schedule. We can't get behind the schedule. The two areas is to be on time, don't' be in a lot of third and longs."

"We came in [against Cincinnati] to throw the football. We thought that was our best chance. We threw the ball six or seven plays in a row in the first series. We were going to get to the run game as the game evolved but as it evolved we had no chance to get to the run game. We had to throw the ball."

"I think [Mike Glennon] was fine. Certainly he got banged around a little bit and he threw the interception. Those are always tough for quarterbacks. It's good to see he came back and kept firing."

"[T.J. Graham] has been very good. It's what we hoped to see out of him when we recruited him. We thought he had that potential. He had to wait because of the three other kids that were in front of him and he never really had the opportunity to step up. He certainly has stepped up and shown what he's capable of doing."

"The shotgun read offense is built on wishbone principles in that you don't block one guy and you read him. There are some elements of that option in it. Other people have built the pitch and the option with wide receivers running bubbles and quarterbacks pulling it. There are more schools at the 1-AA level running it."

"Well after watching them the last couple of days they've been resilient. The last four games are over, they've forgotten about it and moved on. They are getting ready to play a home game against a conference team. They are excited about this. The guys that are playing defense are excited. This is a great offense and a challenge for them."

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