O'Brien: Graham Is Explosive

RALEIGH, NC -- Head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media on Thursday morning to discuss the Pack's upcoming game against Georgia Tech.

Tom O'Brien

Any guys cleared to play this week?
The injury report will be out in about an hour. We'll find out who is there and who is not.

T.J. Graham has broken off five of 49 or more yards for touchdowns in four games. Have you had experience with anyone like that?
I think he's the most explosive guy I've been around. Certainly he's stepped his game up this year. He's a lot more explosive and doing a better job reading his blocks. Certainly even catching the ball.

If he gets a step on somebody he can make things happen so we have to continue to, I think Mike has a lot of confidence in him right now, looking to throw the ball to him.

What responsibilities do the safeties have against an option team?
They have to run what we call the alley. They have to get in the alley and fill the alley.

The first thing they are going to have to do this week is make sure it's not a pass release. Are they going to block or are they going to release for the pass.

They have to read that and then support the frontside of the option. Backside they are running the alley.

Is there a time of possession mark you would want to have this week?
No, but the more it is (time of possession) the better it will be.

Who has represented Tevin Washington on the scout team this week?
Josh Stanley, in fact he's scout team player of the week. He's done a great job for us.

How hard is it to duplicate Washington?
Well it is, but he can throw the football and that's the difference from last year. We spent more time with a guy running the ball. This year we spent more time with a guy that throws the ball and can run the ball.

Thoughts on Tech's linebackers.
Two of them are the same guys as last year, so they've got two new (linebackers). One of them is making a lot of plays, No. 45.

You have three big, powerful guys on the ground that eat up your blockers and let the linebackers run.

How much different has been your preparation for Georgia Tech than other teams?
It's totally different, especially on defense. There is no week like it. There is no carry over whatsoever from any team that you've played before or that you are going to play after for what problems they present.

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