Washington: "We Want To Start Faster"

NC State junior tailback James Washington talks with Pack Pride about Saturday's game against Georgia Tech.

What do you believe the offense needs to improve on so the team can run the ball better?
We're going to focus on controlling the line of scrimmage. Cincinnati came off the ball real hard with their front four and had chances to get in the backfield and stop us for negative carries.

This week we've got to come off firing up front and make some space for big runs.

Obviously the Cincinnati game got a bit out of hand and you had to get away from the run and pass more. Did the game dictate that?
If we can get ahead we'll be able to run more often. Once you fall behind by a lot of points you have to pass and try to get back in the game. We've got to come out early and score more so we can run more.

Facing Georgia Tech, how important is it for the offense to sustain drives?
It's very important. Georgia Tech runs the triple option and it can slow down the game. We've got to stay on the field and keep our defense on the sidelines.

How do you feel you have developed as a tailback?
I feel I've got better throughout the year. Last game I had a lot of catches out of the backfield, seven, but I've got more to improve on like breaking tackles and not letting defensive linemen bring me down.

What else do you think you can work on?
Avoiding the initial rush. In the Cincinnati game they were getting back there quick and I wasn't able to break anything off. My longest carry was two yards. That's something I can improve on for sure.

How do you feel you have improved as a pass blocker?
That is something I think I've got better at each year I've been here. I'm probably the best running back to pass block for us. When we call a pass play I can stay in to block... I'm confident I can pick it up.

Has there been a common theme for the offense this week?
We want to start faster. We want them to play to our speed and not the defense's speed. We came out hitting but our offense stalled on the first series against Cincinnati. We want to finish it and put points on the board early.

How important is this game for your team... being the first ACC home game?
It's very important. We don't want to fall behind in the ACC standings. We're 0-1 and lost to Wake Forest. We feel like this week at home we should be able to rally and knock off Georgia Tech.

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