O'Brien: 'I'm Proud Of Their Effort'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tom O'Brien spoke with the media following NC State's 45-35 loss to Georgia Tech.

Tom O'Brien

"Georgia Tech is a tough football team to defend and certainly they had us on our heels early. We made an effort to come back. We got it 28-14 but it kind of got away from us there in the 4th quarter."

"I was proud of the kids. They hung in there and we kept fighting. We'll add them up and see who we got to go to practice on Tuesday."

"It's the speed of the... you just can't assimilate the speed with which they execute. The whole thing is if you can hang in there in the first quarter and you get to the speed, as you go a long it's not as violent playing defense as it is."

"For the kids we had playing they hung in there and they fought hard. I'm proud of their effort. Some kids got to play for the first time."

"We played [J.R. Sweezy] at end, we weren't going to play him inside... maybe 30 plays. We tried to get him through but I think we lost a couple of other guys. We'll see where we are starting again on Tuesday."

"Gentry actually got hurt on offense. He played some defense, but we weren't able to use him as much as we wanted to. He rolled his ankle."

"We've got to stay onside. We've got a true freshman in there trying to make a play, it's fourth down and he's jumping on noise instead of watching the football. We've got to coach him up because he's got to play a lot now, and I'm sure it will happen again, but we've got to be able to hold our ground there."

"I told them keep their heads up. Somewhere it's going to turn. We're going to keep grinding away and make this thing work. Right now we're swimming uphill a lot with personnel issues but if we get guys healthy and going... with what they showed today and the fight they had. There's going to be some things on here that we haven't done to this point this year."

"If we get some other guys back and healthy we've got a chance to play defense the way we want to."

"James did a good job. He picked up the slack. Creecy had some first time shots that he's going to learn from and be better from. We'll continue to work him."

"It's all to build for where we're going to go this week."

"We just got better at what we were doing."

"That was a tough, tough situation. That's something, another thing that is on the coaches. We've got to make sure that we're telling them. You coach them up, you get them off the field and give that one up. It's a tough way to start the game."

"I'm not coaching their team, I'm coaching my team."

"[Wil Baumann] pulled a muscle in pre-game. That's all I know. It shouldn't be surprising."

"It's never-ending."

"We made some plays of our own. If we do a little better there offensively and don't give up that fake punt, who knows where that game is in the 4th quarter."

"I think they changed a little bit. It wasn't exactly what we saw from them early and we had to make some adjustments and changes, and we did that."

"It doesn't work on the practice field, but that wasn't the practice field."

"It's pretty unique. A lot of people have different concepts of how you play that offense."

"We played them a lot of the same way we did a year ago... you don't want to be fooling yourself when you play that offense, they fool you enough as it is."

"The thing you don't practice is we got cut at the perimeter with the safeties a lot. You don't just go cut yourself in practice because you're afraid you're going to hurt somebody or get hurt."

"When you see it once a year it's tough to get ready for it."

"You've got to score on offense. You've got to stay up with them."

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