PC: Sweezy, Washington Meet The Media

RALEIGH, NC -- J.R. Sweezy and James Washington met with the media on Monday afternoon to discuss the Pack's upcoming game with Central Michigan.

J.R. Sweezy

"I think we played with a lot more enthusiasm and excitement on the field. I think it really showed. We're trying to build on that for next week."

"It's a little different to think some of those guys are over there when they start on offense... but I have full confidence in everybody."

"Just trying to keep everybody into it... keep everybody excited."

"I feel good. I've just got to get back into shape a little bit. They ran me pretty good, but there's nothing to get you into football shape but football."

"Maybe it had something to do with all the young guys and they were kind of unsure."

"Once everybody gets going everybody starts playing better."

"They've got some good running backs and a pretty big offensive line. We're going to have our work cut out for us this week."

"We're starting over now. What's happened has happened. We can't fix that. All we can do is build and strive to be great from this point on."

"I hope the best for Russell. I love the kid the death. He's a great guy, but he's there and so he really has nothing to do with us anymore. We're here playing NC State football and we're going to do our job here."

"I think everyone knows that once we start getting guys back we're going to have a good football team. We're going to be alright."

"The film we watched today there were two quarterbacks playing... they stand back in the pocket because like I said their offensive line is pretty good."

James Washington

"I've improved the most on the practice field, being able to practice 100%."

"They were able to open up some holes and push the defensive line back, get to the next level. That made it possible for me to make long runs and we were able to add on a lot of rushing yards because of that."

"All of them are really stepping their game up."

"I told him to just be calm because the game is going to come to you."

"We think this is a great opportunity. We get Central Michigan this weekend and then next weekend we have a game off. Hopefully we get some of our players back off injury and that should boost our team even more."

"Mike is getting better each game. He's taking control and makes sure everybody is where they are supposed to be. He's our leader on offense."

"I feel like we have to establish the running game to open up the pass."

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