O'Brien Impressed With Central Michigan

RALEIGH, NC -- Head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media on Monday afternoon to discuss the Pack's upcoming game against Central Michigan.

Tom O'Brien

"Certainly we ran the ball a lot better and it's something that we wanted to make sure we did. It helped in our time of possession, one thing we came in wanting to possess the ball more than they did. We won the second and fourth quarters, they won the first and third. That was the best part of it."

"When you look back at it we have a back knock Mattes off, gives up a sack and Mike Glennon doesn't throw it hot on the second sack. Conceivably we could have not given up a sack which would have been a good, clean performance for the offensive line. I think it's a positive for them and something they knew they had to do with the situation we had on defense."

"Certainly getting Sweezy back, he played 27 plays. We kept him outside where he could protect himself a little better. That being said we played the second half with Theo Rich at defensive tackle, [Jacob] Kahut at tackle, [Sylvester] Crawford at end and Sweezy just coming back. We're in a situation and we're playing with guys that should still be on the scout team. I don't know what's going to happen this week, guys are going to try and make it back. We'll see. Realistically we're hoping we get everybody back for the second half of the year and make a run for that."

"This is a good football team coming in. They've got four seniors and one junior up front in the offensive line. They are big guys. Defensively they are strong up the middle. The middle linebacker is the second leading tackler and their safeties are the first and third leading tacklers on their football team. They are not going to be in awe of us at all. They'll come in with a lot of confidence having won their game Saturday."

"[Taylor Gentry at tackle] was just a one-game experiment. He can't play against this offense, big 300 pound linemen. It suited to play him there last week because of the offense and the style they play. This is smash mouth football at its best coming in. Play-action pass and throw it over your head."

"[Taylor Gentry and Curtis Underwood] are going to give it a try this week. If they can make it they'll make it. If they don't they won't. The chart goes on projections of what we think can happen."

"[James Washington] has been working hard to be that kind of a guy. The biggest thing for him was his yards after contact, which Coach Sands keeps track of. It was his best performance to date. He had to step up with Creecy being the backup but he was a kid that was used to carrying the ball 35 times a game in high school. It's not unusual for him to get a lot of work."

"[Robert Crisp] has been practicing a lot better. Until about three weeks ago he wasn't, in our opinion, doing the things to earn playing time so the more that he's practiced better and is better, he's earned more time to be on the field. He will continue to get time if he continues to practice they way he has been and playing in games the way he's playing."

"Not if they aren't any good. You have to perform, that's still the bottom line. I don't care who rates you in recruiting one way or another, it goes on performance and can you accomplish the job that we give you. Those are the guys that play."

"No, I think it's a referendum on healthy bodies playing defense. We haven't lined up one game yet with the defense that we had in preseason camp."

"[J.R. Sweezy] brings energy to the football team. I think for the first time somebody came back. You get all those young kids out there and they are looking around at each other and they aren't used to all the new faces and situations they put themselves in. It's nice to have somebody like that who's out there with a little fire and enthusiasm and fighting through some injuries."

"[Audie Cole] is still the captain of the defense. He has to get everyone lined up and get us going in the right direction. That's been a task with the ever-changing cast in front of him. Sometimes he's kicking in the tail trying to get them going. That's the best thing that he's done for us, he's been a calming voice."

"[D.J. Green] has improved the last couple of weeks. We thought after a couple of games that he was ok and then he kind of leveled out but he's stepped up actually the last two games. He listens and he tries to do what he coaches you to do. That is something you think everybody does but it doesn't always happen. He's gotten better the last two weeks."

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