O'Brien: Fordham Learning The System

RALEIGH, NC -- Head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media on Thursday morning to discuss the Pack's upcoming game against Central Michigan.

Tom O'Brien

What was the process for Cameron Fordham to get eligible?
It was just an appeal to the NCAA. LSU totally supported it so I think that helped out. It was a long process but it worked.

Do you think he'll help at all this year?
Right now we're practicing him and he could be in the game Saturday. We dressed him out last Saturday when we found out he was eligible. He's slowly learning the system. We've got him at center because he can get the ball up and move. When we did it it was to replace Torian Box, who left. Now we've got that body back.

What were the points of emphasis for your defense in practice this week?
To contain the big play. When you score as many points as [Central Michigan] did last week, four of them were 46-yard touchdown passes or longer, you have to be very alert to what's going on on the offensive side of the football. As always, we don't want to give up anything easy as far as penalties. We worked the double count this week to keep ourselves on sides.

Central Michigan has a really small back and a bigger offensive line. Can he get lost in traffic at times?
He gets lost in traffic a lot. That's certainly a concern, but it's to his advantage. He's got a good quick jump start move and he gets up there behind those guys and squirts through. We have to have contain and keep him surrounded.

Did you spend any extra time on screen passes this week?
We always spend time on screen passes but certainly that's one of their big weapons. They've been good at that and if they are good at it then we better be practicing it.

Anything about your rushing game last week that has carried over into this week of practice?
Well I think confidence carries over from week to week but it's a different challenge. That was a 3-4, this is a 4-3 so it changes. We're challenged to make sure we can do the same thing again. Each week is a challenge and as I said last week I'm not going to get all excited after one week. If we do it again it's something to say we're a little better at.

Is there an injury report today?
No, but Taylor Gentry won't play.

Is there a really good defense in the ACC this year?
I mean I don't know, we've only played two games and I haven't seen anybody else really to make any judgement one way or another.

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