Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several Wolfpack players met with the media following the Pack's win over the Chippewas.

Mike Glennon

"It's big, .500. We'd like to have done better but now we have kind of a new season of all ACC games. We can rest, recover and get healthy and just work on getting better as a team and get ready for the rest of the ACC games."

"We showed that we can do it tonight. First half offense and second half defense, if we play like that then I don't see why we can't beat everybody left on our schedule."

"I thought it was pretty cool, it felt like colors were clashing a little bit, red helmets, pink numbers, red sleeves, but the purpose behind it was good intentions. We knew about the red helmets but we didn't know about the black uniforms until we got in the locker room. I don't know who looked the best, someone with a lot of swag, I don't know."

"The defense, specifically in the second half, did a great job. I wasn't watching too much for Terrell but I know he had the interception and I'm sure he did a good job because he's a great player. Whenever you have a player like that on the field he's going to make some plays."

"More or less. Receivers made plays, the offensive line did a great job, I didn't get really hit. The first sack was not really on the line. As a team we have to credit the running game for getting the safeties up in the box."

James Washington

"The next two weeks are big for us, we get some time off for people to get healthy and come back and get ready to play our next opponent, which is an ACC team."

"Every week is do or die. We still want to be in the hunt for the ACC Championship so we have to win out and hopefully get some help down the line."

"It helps a lot, we have a lot of people contributing, a lot of people making plays as an offense. We're growing and trying to progress more during the week and it just shows up on the game field like today."

"The [offensive line] was firing out, opening up some holes and seems. We got another 100-yard rusher this week and we just play on doing it again in the next game."

"I actually made a deal with [the offensive line], since we haven't had a 1,000-yard rusher in forever, I said if they can get me to the 1,000-yard mark I'll take them out to eat, anything on me. That's a lot of money but I'm willing to pay it. They want all you can eat."

"In high school I used to get a lot of touches and as the game wears on the defense starts to slow down after chasing me for some long. I'm able to push through. I'm in great shape."

Terrell Manning

"Once everybody gets back in the swing of things we'll be ready to go."

"We were fast. I don't think we're playing defense the way that we should be right now. In the spring we were fast and that's one thing we have to look back."

"Confidence. We had a lot of confidence when we were out there and we were just ready for the plays to start because I knew they were coming off the field regardless of what happened."

"I didn't think he was going to throw the ball. It was a little duck going in the air, it was kind of low, I just dug low to get it and I tried to get out but there were too many guys around me. I'm kind of embarrassed I got caught but it'll be OK."

"Everything on defense starts up front. Our defensive line had a great game in the second half and it translated to the linebackers and we started playing well and the coverage picked up too. At the end of the day we take it from one level to the next level and it worked out."

"It all relates to each other. With us playing fast we were hitting assignments and hitting things on the fly. With us having missed assignments it's slowing us down. Everything translates into each other and that's what is killing us right now."

"I can go, at the end of the day that's all I care about, being out there for my team. I'll do anything that it takes to win and be out there with my guys."

Brandan Bishop

"We caught the ball, which was a good thing. It starts up front, we need to get a pass rush from those big guys up front and if they can get in the quarterbacks face and vision a little bit it makes our job easier. Then it's our job to do our job and catch the ball."

"Defensively, we played a lot better in the second half other than the long run we gave up. We were doing a much better job of getting off the field and when we do those things good things happen. We don't let them sustain long drives, we get turnovers and it just looks a lot better for us."

"[Terrell Manning] is a big part of our defense, without a doubt. We're glad to have him back and we're glad whatever injury wasn't worse than it was. Hopefully we can get more and more guys back coming off this bye week and be close to full strength when we go to Virginia."

"We're old enough now where we should be doing some of this stuff. A lot of that goes back to preparation in the week. If you know their tendency in a certain formation you are able to not guess but be aware of what you might be able to see. That puts you in a better position to make plays. [David Amerson] made an awesome play at the end of the game, we really needed that. He's really growing up."

"I definitely think we can make a run. We're going to build off the momentum from this game and hopefully get guys back healthy and you never know in the ACC. We put a couple of good weeks together back to back and just try to take it one game at time. I think we can compete against anybody."

Brian Slay

"It was good to get out there and try to help my team get a victory, which we did. It was hard sitting in the stands last week and watch them against Georgia Tech, a tough game. It was good to get out there and help them get this victory tonight."

"During practice it took a few plays for me to get all warmed up and get the leg warmed up, but other than that, after the first few plays I didn't even feel it."

"The week off is going to be huge. A week off to get healthy and we've been banged up, especially on the defensive line. Coach O"Brien will help us get healthy, get our legs back and get ready for UVA the week after."

"Defensively, we showed out tonight. We had a great second half. We just get this week off, get our legs back and get some people back I think we're a dangerous team."

"[The pressure] was important, it gave our secondary a chance to cover. They picked off quite a few balls tonight so it was huge to get some pressure on their quarterback."

David Amerson

"With defense, it starts up front with the trenches. Without those guys we wouldn't be able to do anything. Not letting the quarterback just sit back there being comfortable really helped us out in the secondary and it paid off."

"Some of their routes we haven't seen and some of the stuff we hadn't seen. We just had to get adjusted to it. That's part of football. It's all about making adjustments and luckily we did."

"I was just worried about making the play. That's all I was saying in my head, 'make the play, make the play' because I knew he was expecting me to jump the flat route. I baited him like I was going to the flat and I just ran back to the seven and was right there."

"With this being my second year on the field I'm a lot more comfortable out there on the defense. I know different route combinations and what quarterbacks are thinking and that helps out a lot."

"[The bye week] is very big for us. Get injured players back and everything. It's very big for us."

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