O'Brien: 'We're Very Happy With The Outcome'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tom O'Brien spoke with the media following the Pack's win over Central Michigan.

Tom O'Brien

"Obviously we're very happy with the outcome. We got off to a good start in the first half offensively. Defense, I don't know what we were doing there for a while but we seemed to figure it out at halftime and the best thing is we came out and played defense, with the exception of the one play in the second half, we had a pretty good effort on defense."

"It's always nice to be able to run the ball and run the clock out at the end of the game and not have to put the defense back out there in the situation we were in. All in all we got a couple guys that came back and gave us good effort. They are still hurting but they came back. We're going to take some time now and try to get everybody healthy and try to put a team together and make a run here in the second half of the season."

"[Mike Glennon] threw the ball well, all in all. I thought Jay Smith had a really nice day catching the football. As good as I've seen since Jay's been here. He made a couple of really good plays. The one touchdown pass to Tobais Palmer was a major league throw to get that one in there. He's still a 6-game starter, he's still learning. I think he's doing a heck of a job running the offense right now. He's feeling confident. He got out of the pocket and when there wasn't anything he got rid of it, didn't take a loss. All in all, it was a good, workmanlike day for him."

"As I say to them, I said to both of them on the sidelines. It's better to catch the ball and get hit than it is to drop the ball and get hit. For Jay Smith that was a growing moment for him that he made that play. You have to be able to make that play which he did. Now it's going to be easier."

"We got away from [the run] a little bit in the third quarter and started throwing the ball again. We should have just kept running the ball. It's something that we have to do, it helps us. We probably out-timed them, which is good, and we ended up with more plays. If you can run the football it will make our passing game more effective."

"We certainly did. We don't have a history with [Central Michigan] so they don't have a history with us. Everything was different by personnel that we thought so at halftime we adjusted to what we had to do by the personnel groupings and got ourselves in better defenses and played better."

"Well, that's one thing that we've been stressing, that if you're not playing and we weren't getting the play out of the corner we needed. [Rashard Smith] was going to get his opportunity and he got in there and made some plays for us."

"[James Washington] has got to be the guy for us. We continue to work at it and continue to pound at it, we're going to have success to play offense and help our defense as they get healthy and get back."

"Terrell [Manning] helped us a lot by just being out there. He understands the defense, he does it right. That's the best thing I can say about him. He does it right whether it's blitz, whether it's not blitz. That was big for the defense to get him back today."

"The run yardage wasn't there except for [Central Michigan's] three runs at the end of the first half and the long run in the second half. I thought we did a pretty good job against the running attack which we hadn't been doing. Getting [J.R. Sweezy] and [Brian Slay] back in there. It's getting more toward where we want to play."

"Well, when you pick off four balls that's pretty good. The difference was we got some pressure in the second half and as I said, we got into some situational things by their personnel where we did a better job putting our guys in position to make those plays."

"It's going to be a lot closer than we've been the last five weeks. If guys can get healthy it will help a lot. A bunch of guys didn't get a lot of practice time this week, of those guys up front [Art Norman] was the only one that had a full practice week. We had guys that were missing here and there, to get them back and get everybody a full week of practice and prepare, will be better for us as we go into the last six games."

"Every time I get guys healthy from the first half of the year, that's what has happened in the past. The second year we got guys healthy and were able to [make a second half run]. The third year we weren't able to do it because we had too many guys out. Hopefully we'll get some guys back and be able to make a run at this."

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