Media Day: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State held its annual Media Day on Wednesday afternoon, and here are some interviews from the event.

C.J. Leslie

"No jumping out of a plane for me."

"We were all curious and waiting for the new coach to come in."

"We stayed patient."

Scott Wood

"Last year was more laid back, get in there when you can. This year it's more team workouts."

"Whatever Richard puts aside, I eat. Basically that's what it is."

"From what I hear he looks like a new man. I think it's going to benefit him."

Jordan Vandenberg

"When the new coach came in we transitioned well to him."

"It gave us confidence in him. He came in very direct."

C.J. Williams

"This my last year and I've looked at it like this is my last rodeo. I want to go out with a bang."

"I want to finish out on top."

"We're working a lot harder to get where we want to go."

Alex Johnson

"Just being a leader... I had the opportunity to play three years of NCAA basketball and I bring to the table maturity and leadership."

"I could tell these guys were tired of losing."

"A lot of people don't get a fresh start like this. I'm just taking advantage of the opportunity."

Richard Howell

"Coming into [last] year I was at 270. I definitely had to change my diet."

"I love bacon and fried chicken. Apparently that's not the best thing for you when you're an athlete."

"I feel a lot better."

Lorenzo Brown

"It's been pretty good so far. I like running the point guard."

"We are more of an up-and-down team."

"Last year there was a lot of confusion on what guys wanted to do and how they wanted to play."

Deshawn Painter

"It kind of fits my game because I can shoot and go inside a little bit... it's designed for the bigs for the most part."

"Just being more involved makes you more excited."

"Making better decisions when I get double-teamed. The little things."

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