Cole: 'It's Up To Us'

NC State senior linebacker Audie Cole believes that NC State can beat any team left on the schedule.

How many days have you guys had off?
Today is our first day back on the field, so Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

How much does it help having that much time off?
That helps a lot. I felt good out here today. I feel healed up... well-rested. I think it's a good thing and a good time for the bye week.

What do you think of having the bye week in the middle of the season? Is it the first time for you guys?
I think most have been right around now or seven or eight games in. I like how it's set up... as long as it's the middle or later.

I think Clemson or somebody had a bye in week two. That would be terrible. I like how we have it set up.

Your defense played well in the second half versus Central Michigan. What changed?
I don't know if we really changed how we played. We may have fixed a few things, but I think once we got a break we took care of business.

We've got to stop them early instead of letting them sit around until they start to fold. We've got to start earlier.

I don't know what we've got to do or what it's going to take, but we've got to play the whole game. We've had good second halves... we need to have a strong beginning.

Was that a good second-half performance heading into the bye week?
I think so, but the whole game wasn't bad, just a couple of big plays got us... small things at the beginning of the game that hurt us like a muffed punt. They get the ball at the 20-yard line and go in and score.

Small things, but in the second half we cleaned it up and played a good half of football.

Looking at your schedule there aren't a lot of teams that scare you. What can this team accomplish moving forward?
It's up to us. We can do whatever we want. We can play with any team we have to play the next six weeks.

I don't think any are better than us or worse than us. We've got to show up and do what we have to do that day. That's what it is going to take. We've just got to get it done when we need to.

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