Cole, Glennon Meet The Media

RALEIGH, NC -- Audie Cole and Mike Glennon met with the media on Monday afternoon to discuss the Pack's upcoming game against Virginia.

Audie Cole

"I feel great, everyone was kind of banged up after the six games which everyone will be. That week off was awesome, got to get away from coming here every day, got to clear the mind, let your body heal. The best part for me is just getting out of here for a few days and not having to worry about it."

"We have to quit making mistakes. I know I've talked about it all year how we've made way too many mistakes and we continue to do it. It's not that we don't know what to do, you can had 10 guys do the right thing and one guy not and you can get hurt from it."

"We have to get better on third down, we've been giving up too many big plays on third down. Little things we have to work on, we play two good downs of football and then we give up the third and then we continue to do that all year."

"I don't know about all that, I don't know who's back, who's not. I really don't know, whoever out there is who we deal with. That's all you can do, you can't worry about what's not there."

"Did some goose hunting, I went a couple of times. Fixed a boat, my roommate and I fixed his boat one day. We go to Jordan Lake usually or we go out in Spring Hope on this farm. We're all over, but usually it has something to do with being outside."

"It is kind of weird [not to have played Virginia in his career]. I kind of forgot that Virginia was even in it because I've never played them. Being here 5 years you'd think you would. Now I'll get to see. I've only been in Virginia driving through it, going to Michigan."

Mike Glennon

"I didn't even know, I had thought maybe it was a possibility. It's tough because Mustafa had a great freshman year, he had a great spring but at the same time I think our running backs have really stepped up. James [Washington] has done a great job, Curtis Underwood was doing a great job and Tony [Creecy] has played well as well. As great a player as Mustafa is and well be I think our running backs have done a great job."

"Actually as a kid I was a big Michigan fan, I don't know why. As I got older obviously it became Virginia Tech, I never really pulled for Virginia. They [recruited] me, it was when Al Groh was there. I knew Mike London from when I went on visits, that was one of my final three schools. I've been there many times to watch games."

"I've gotten better, I've definitely progressed. I feel more comfortable and each game things continue to be easier for me. Different situations, like last Coach Bible and I were talking about how it was my first time ever being ahead and closing out a game. Each game I'm taking something from it and build on it."

"Just being more consistent. Every game we've shown flashes and the last game I think we probably showed the most but there were still some opportunities where our defense gave us great field position and we didn't capitalize on it."

"It's definitely possible. Coach Bible was saying yesterday that the past two years the Atlantic Division champion has had two losses so that's how we're looking at things now. We can be that team this year and we feel very confident going into the second half of the stretch."

"Control the line of scrimmage. Whenever we take control of the line of scrimmage and move the ball it opens up the pass and vice versa. Whether it's running the ball or protecting the quarterback it all starts up front. Always has, always will."

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