Mattes, Kuhn Meet The Media

RALEIGH, NC -- Markus Kuhn and R.J. Mattes met with the media on Monday afternoon to discuss the Pack's upcoming game with Florida State.

Markus Kuhn

"It all starts in practice. I think us practicing better and practicing with more enthusiasm is what helped the most."

"J.R. is back and that is good motivation for the entire team."

"Most games they won up front in the trenches. I think in the defensive line we did a good job. I think our offensive line also did a pretty good job against their defensive line... I think that's a big reason we won."

"It probably helped that we had some guys back and we had the week off. We were more fresh and had a longer time to prepare for the opponent."

"It's the focus in practice and the sense of urgency. People understand more and more what they have to do and be where they are supposed to be."

"It's an ACC team and one of our opponents. We want to win against them like we do all the other ACC teams."

"That was our goal... now we are pretty much starting our new season with the next games. That's how we went into the bye week."

"By the time I looked over there he was already six feet in the air like Superman into the endzone."

"David Amerson is a great player, a great guy. He works hard everyday and it pays off for him. It's great to have him."

R.J. Mattes

"It was a big win. We needed it... coming off the bye week we needed a win and we came out and did it."

"There was a lot of smack talk going around. My dad is a big UVA guy, coached there last year. Obviously he was cheering for me but his heart is with UVA. It was good to have a win and be able to call him up and talk to him about it."

"When we used to practice in the afternoon it was hard to wake up, but now that there are morning practices we're playing later because we're used to being out there at 8 am. We'll be fine for a noon game."

"We've been getting better each and every week. O-line is getting better, we're allowing fewer sacks each game and take hits off Mike. He's out there controlling the offense, you can see it with his stats."

"You can tell he knows what he is doing. Everything comes with experience... he's been out there leading the way."

"I've got to put my track shoes on. I was just watching film and his first step is so fast off the ball. I'm going to have to have quick sets."

"We've got to take the hits off Mike for the offense to be successful."

"Coach Bridge always instills in us no sacks."

"Negative rushing yards should never happen. We put it upon ourselves to get better and be more physical."

"We're being a lot more physical instead of easing into blocks. We're trying to create the line of scrimmage."

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