O'Brien: "It Was A Big Win"

RALEIGH, NC -- Head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media on Monday afternoon to discuss the Pack's upcoming game against Florida State.

Tom O'Brien PC

"It was a big win for the football team. They certainly needed to go on the road and win a football game and win an ACC game, that's a tough thing to do in the conference. Going out and playing, especially the way we did on defense, was very satisfying for them."

"Hopefully that will give them a little boost. We have to go on the road against what's become a real explosive football team the last couple of weeks. Big challenge ahead of us this week."

"We are really happy for the kids. We understand that we're going to have to be a whole lot better this Saturday against this football team. The people have a lot to do with it. Getting some people back and getting some people healthy helps a lot."

"[David Amerson] came to camp and we started a relationship with him then. Mike Reed did a great job recruiting him. That's his area. As I've said to some people before I think, talking with Jon Tenuta, he thinks [Amerson] is one of the top five corners that he's ever been around talent wise. He's been around some good corners."

"Obviously [the first interception] was a converted route and the quarterback didn't read the conversion and that was a heck of a catch that [Amerson] made. That's what he does in cover two, he plays his zone and plays the quarterbacks eyes and broke on the ball. It was a great catch. With T.J. out, David could return kicks and punts too if we asked him to. We haven't needed him."

"[E.J. Manuel] is another dual threat guy. Big strong arm, another one of the Virginia quarterbacks. Definitely is a tough guy to get on the ground when he pulls the ball down. He's a 230 pound guy. He's a big, strong runner. They run option with him, they run zone read scheme, they do all that with him. He's very capable to take off and run."

"They go out, run around and catch balls and [Tobais Palmer] ran into Jay Smith and he went down for the count I guess, I don't know. He was fine yesterday and as long as he stays symptom-free. If the doctors say he can play he can play."

"You have to be concerned about your quarterback, you don't want him taking any hits. Sometimes it's not avoidable. He's shown a lot of toughness and a lot of resilience. [FSU] can bring a lot of pressure, I think they sacked Maryland six times and knocked one of their quarterbacks out of the game so it's definitely a concern for us."

"I think it's real important. [J.R. Sweezy] is the leader of the team and I think he picks everything up. When he's around there is a different feel out there and you can tell the difference, at least we can if he's on the field or dressed out to go. Last week when he went to see Dr. Anderson down in Charlotte and was reassured by him that everything way OK I think psychologically that has a lot to do with it. There is going to be pain, but the fracture is fine, the screw is fine. Hopefully he will be better this week."

[T.Y. McGill] is kind of like Bryan Underwood, those are kids that we have in our program that we know are good players that as they mature and grow they are going to be really good players. It's not the time that we want them, because if they were really good players right now they'd be playing. But as a 300-pound kid he's really light on his feet. He can run. He'll only get stronger and when he figures it all out, our defense is complicated a lot of the things they have to do. He will get better as he becomes more experienced but he's a powerful guy that can knock you back. Between him and Carlos Gray who we're redshirting and Thomas Teal, those three guys are like the guys we used to play with at Boston College."

"A lot of coaches like [noon starts] because you get up, you play and it's over with. Your day is done. The night games go forever, especially if you are on the road because then you don't get back until 3 or 4 in the morning. The less time I have to be with a team, responsible for them on the road in a hotel, the more I like it."

"A lot of places are like that, especially where tailgating is big. Our crowds are much better at night than they are at noon too. People get the opportunity to get revved up and get ready to go."

"I have no clue [what my record is against Atlantic Division versus Coastal] and to tell you the truth I really don't care. Maybe we have to switch divisions, I don't know. I'm the Coastal aren't I? Just try to win them all, that's all I do."

Getting [Rashard Smith] in the game creates some competition and keeps them fresh. Rashard has a great feel for the game. The one thing we did do is stop their screen game, which two weeks in a row has been an emphasis for us. He's helped us a lot, he went from defense to offense, now he's back on defense. He and C.J. Wilson are rotating there so it keeps them fresh and keeps them physical, we hope."

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