Underwood: "I Had To Step Up"

Pack Pride caught up with redshirt freshman receiver Bryan Underwood this week following his career game against Virginia last week. Underwood had three catches for 125 yards and scored on touchdowns of 79 and 33 yards in the victory over the Cavaliers.

With T.J. Graham missing the first half and Tobais Palmer getting injured in warm-ups, what was the feeling like Saturday before the game?
"It was kind of tough to see your teammate go down like that, especially in pre-game. We all watch over each other. The upperclassmen watch over the younger guys and they've been telling me to stay on top of my game and just keep working hard and staying focused. My day came Saturday and I'm thankful for it."

What about the actual game? What was that like? Was there any added pressure?
"Someone has to be ready to step up, like Coach O'Brien always said. I just knew I had to be on my A-game and perform like they needed me to. I just had to step up. No extra pressure really, just an opportunity to step up."

What have you been doing to prepare for the opportunity you got Saturday?
"I just come out and work every day. I take whatever I can get from anybody watching people in practice or on film. I even watch film of last year's receivers. I watch film of Owen Spencer and Jarvis Williams and try to learn from everybody."

Walk me through the 79-yard touchdown catch. What happened on that play?
"I caught the out route and I didn't even pay attention to the sideline to be honest, I just knew it was close. I didn't want to step out so I just ran as fast as I could. I heard everyone on the sideline yelling and just took off. With my speed I don't think anyone can catch me."

Could you hear what people were yelling or was it incoherent?
"All I heard was ‘he's in, go' and that was it. I took off and when you get to top speed you hear nothing, just yourself going."

Aside from your individual performance Saturday, talk about the way the team played against Virginia.
"We came together and we knew the stakes were up. Everyone just stepped up and everybody showed up as one and played as a whole. We saw guys go down in pre-game, we knew T.J. [Graham] was out for a half so we just played with that and played pretty well."

Has Tobais Palmer looked fine this week in practice?
"He's fine, it's just one of those freak things. He's working out each and every day, he's getting better. Jay Smith is keeping him motivated because he was kind of down about it."

What was it like to catch some important passes from Mike Glennon in a game instead of practice?
"Honestly, I would say it's kind of the same. It's just you don't think that what you do in practice would actually be what it's like in the game and it just is. If you break in practice and then do it the same way in the game it feels the same. Mike always throws good balls each and every day, which helps us get used to it."

What is your mindset moving forward?
"I just take every day as it comes and when my number is called I'll show up again."

What else have you been working on individually this season?
"Staying positive."

Is that tough when you maybe aren't playing quite as much as you'd like to?
"You don't expect to play a lot and if you do, you do. It's about staying positive. If your times comes it comes. You can't get down if you're not playing a lot. I just have to keep myself motivated."

Do you feel like this team is poised to make another run late in the season?
"Anything is possible. We're not taking the name of somebody or the rank of somebody like we should be afraid of them. We're just staying positive. There is nothing we can't do if we keep that mindset."

What have you seen from FSU on film?
"They're really fast. They swarm to the ball. You can't go sideways with them, you have to get up field. When you get the ball you just have to go. Don't waste time because you don't have much with them."

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