Locker Room Report

TALLAHASSEE, FL -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien and Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher spoke with the media following FSU's 34-0 win over the Wolfpack.

NC State Head Coach Tom O'Brien
Opening Statement:

"That was a good football team we played today and we didn't play very well and when you don't play well against a team of this caliber it ends up the way it ended up today. Certainly we have to learn from this and get back on the practice field and get ready to play the month of November."

How effective was Florida State's defensive front?
"They play a lot guys – they probably played 12 guys. They stay after you, they're quick; we didn't give our quarterback enough time to throw, we didn't protect him well enough and it got to him a little bit I think. It's a learning experience for him and he will be better because of this as we go down the road."

Was Mike Glennon holding the ball too long?
"I think we were covered. A couple of times – Danny (Bible, offensive coordinator) said we weren't open. The guy [Glennon] is looking at is stuck at the line of scrimmage or not where he can make the catch.

"The other thing is, against these guys, you have got to try and rush the ball a little better. I mean, 36 yards – I guess their sacks figured in there – but if you can't run the ball and let them pass rush against you all day you are in trouble."

How good is E.J. Manuel?
"He's a special player. He's been the difference in their team. When he went down they had problems. He's back and that's what I said – the last couple of weeks they are back to being the top 10 football team they were. That one second down and forever and we got him stopped and I don't know how he gets out of three of four tackles and makes a first down. He's a special guy."

How do you put this game behind you?
"You have to. It's the same thing as I said to them in the locker room: You had a heck of a win last week and you were all excited. Well, as good as that win was as bad as this loss is. You have to be able to forget about. We have got to tackle; we didn't tackle well – we could have gotten off the field.

"You have got to protect the quarterback and you have got to catch the ball and make plays when you've got a chance. Pre-snap penalties got us, too. The five-yard penalty before the field goal that we botched anyway but even if he botches it … five yards … that's a 10-3 game.

"So, a lot of things to take but a lot of that was young guys playing their first time against a defense like that."

Head Coach Jimbo Fisher Opening Statement:
"I'm proud of our team; great effort to be able to win by 34 points against a quality opponent in North Carolina State. To get a shutout was tremendous by our defense.

"The whole first half the way we played as a football team, we came out very focused and energetic and capitalized on opportunities and made big plays in all three phases. We won the football game; still have a lot of room for improvement. We are making some strides but we have to get ready quick. We have to put this one behind us because we have a five day turnaround."

On showing the voters if they should be back in the Top 25:
"Hopefully people start to take notice but if they don't, they don't. We are worried about us. We have to continue to play well, do well and do the things we do and whatever is written and voted is done. We can control is how we play and that is what our focus is on."

On forcing turnovers:
"It felt great. To get a couple balls to bounce up and went our way. They happen like that. You just have to keep playing hard and sound football and making the smart play and eventually those things will come your way."

On EJ Manuel pitching the option:
"He's got a knack for it. He can get down the field and run it and put pressure on it. He's got a natural knack for it and if you don't hit him, he can run. It's another dimension that we have which we have to use."

On Lonnie Pryor's run:
"Man, what a run inside. We knew in the red zone that we wanted to be physical and we were planning it and we kept giving him the ball inside he broke two or three tackles. I can't wait to see it on film because it looked really good."

On if this is the best EJ Manuel has played:
"Yeah. Because this is the most consistent starts he's had. I don't think there is any doubt but it's not all him. I think it's how they're playing around him and how they're doing things that he's able to make plays."

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