Webb Talks NC State

Timber Creek (NJ) defensive tackle Greg Webb is regarded by some as the top junior football player in New Jersey. Webb discusses NC State and his recruitment with Pack Pride in this exclusive interview.

Greg Webb is emerging as one of New Jersey's best junior football players.

In fact, some believe the 6-3, 290-pound defensive tackle from Erial (NJ) Timber Creek Regional is the best Class of 2013 prospect from the Garden State. That's high praise considering the amount of talent the Northeastern state pumps out on a yearly basis.

Through six games in his junior season Webb hasn't done anything to hurt his stock. In fact, that stock is rapidly climbing. Timber Creek is 6-0 and is battling for that number one playoff seed when the regular season comes to a close.

Webb has registered about 35 tackles, eight sacks and 15 tackles for loss as one of the region's top defensive tackles regardless of class.

"So far this season I've played good but I should be playing better. In some of the games I should have dominated more than I did. I still think I'm playing good ball right now though," Webb said.

Few would disagree.

Earlier this year Webb had a chance to take in Penn State's big game against Alabama. Though the game turned out to be a 27-11 loss, it was one of the biggest recruiting weekends in recent history for the Lions.

Webb has an offer from NC State and he has also been down to Raleigh for a game this year. How did that go?

"I liked NC State a lot," Webb told Pack Pride. "My family's originally from down there in the Triangle area. My dad's from Durham and that area so you know I like the location. I've been able to visit a lot of family down there over the years. I've been in the area a lot. That's something I like about them (NC State).

"I was there for their game against Liberty, I believe. It was one of the softer games at the beginning of their season. They played real good and came out on top. The fans were real great. That was something that stuck out. There was a lot of enthusiasm throughout the whole crowd."

Webb said he was able to speak with the NC State coaches briefly but he couldn't have an extended conversation with them. That's something he hopes to do as the recruiting process moves forward. He told Pack Pride that NC State is a school that he will keep in mind.

Though Webb's father is from the Triangle the prospect himself was born in Georgia, so his ties to North Carolina aren't as deep.

Rutgers is another school that is in hot pursuit of Webb. As the local school they have made him a high priority from the start of the recruiting process. In all, Webb has pulled in nearly a dozen verbal offers, making him one of the most highly touted recruits to hail from Timber Creek in recent memory. That's saying something, considering the talent the school has produced.

After the season Webb plans on attending the ESPN All-American Combine in Florida, so he'll be showing his skills off at that event and many other combines as well. Expect to hear his name a lot.

This season is the first time in Webb's football playing career that he has played on both sides of the ball.

"I'm being recruited to play defense (defensive tackle) but I've handled offense well," he said. "The coaches have me working on a lot. I'm working on all my steps, my hook steps and all that. I'm getting my footwork down. I'm already athletic enough to get the steps down so it hasn't been that hard to grasp. It's just more of a mind thing. It's good to know I can do this and play both ways all game long."

Webb told Pack Pride that he has no favorites at this stage in the recruiting process. He reiterated that he will likely visit NC State early next year.

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