TOC: Garcia Nearing a Decision?

With a tough first game under his belt, Holy Cross Shooting Guard Jose Garcia knows that entering his next match-up against the New York Ravens he has to put on a show.

"I had a rough game last night and didn't come out and play my game," Jose said. "I got into foul trouble and didn't really get to play that much or get into a groove. I really want to come out and play well against the Ravens and Rikky Torres. He's a great player."

Last season, Garcia played for Lynchburg (VA) Holy Cross and put up terrific numbers as a sophomore. Previously, he told StateFans that he maybe looking at attending another high school next season. Is that still the case?

"That's still up in the air right now because there is a 6'11 kid coming in from the Bahamas who wants me to play with him next year at Holy Cross. I may know that in a couple of weeks, but it's still undecided."

Jose's recruitment could be coming to and end in the very near future, as the outstanding rising junior appears to be down to two schools.

"I haven't had a chance to visit N.C. State yet during the tournament, but I'm going to before we leave here. Last night there was some pressure on me playing on the State campus and in front of their players because I look up to those guys. I want to see everything else again at N.C. State before I leave though."

Florida State has really come on strong with the personable Garcia, and Coach Leonard Hamilton has definitely made strides with Jose.

"Coach Hamilton is a guy that I really like. They have a great recruiting class coming in and say that all they need from the Class of 2005 is a shooting guard. They offered me two days ago and that's important because N.C. State has not offered yet. I will be visiting Florida State for the first time on June 6th and I will get to tour the campus and facilities. It should be great."

After the important Florida State visit, could Jose be ready to make a decision?

"You know, I really could be but I don't know. I want to see what happens with N.C. State and I can take my time to decide because I'm just a sophomore. But, yea I could make a decision after the visits."

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