Red/White Scrimmage: Locker Room Report

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried and several players talk with the media following the Red/White Scrimmage.

Mark Gottfried

"There were times when we shared the ball really well. Other times I thought we needed to move the ball more. Especially the red team on a couple of trips."

"Overall we are learning what we want to do. We have to get better defensively. We still have to learn shot selection."

"We had some good fast break opportunities. We actually had a number of fast break opportunities and muffed them one way or another. We have to be more efficient in the break. We are trying to run and its a little different for guys. We have to learn how to be an effective fast break team. Right now we are at times and we aren't at times."

"Alex was good. I thought during the first two quarters that we had he was the best player on the floor. There was no question. His age, maturity – just the way he played was very good."

"Number one, congratulations to Tom and the football team. We are all extremely proud for them. It makes for a great day – our fans come in here feeling good."

"The first two I thought [Leslie] was okay. Still trying to learn what we are doing but he had a lot more energy down the stretch which was nice."

C.J. Williams

"He just keeps telling me to be a solid player."

"Just keep playing and be a leader on this team."

"I feel like we can be really good."

C.J. Leslie

"I don't even care. [Laughing] It's just something coach came up with."

"Anytime the crowd comes out and supports you it's encouraging."

"We watched the football game in the locker room all the way to the end."

Alex Johnson

"I feel like I have a veteran role."

"I'm coming in here and trying to lead these guys."

"You want to have fun in front of everybody."

Scott Wood

"I think we definitely had our moments. I think we definitely have a big learning curve."

"We have little spurts where we really execute the offense well."

"We're taking baby steps."

"Alex was lights out tonight."

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