PC: Manning, Smith Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Terrell Manning and Jay Smith met with the media today to discuss Saturday's game versus BC.

Terrell Manning

"I know everybody was excited, but we'll find out the first day of practice tomorrow. We'll see how much energy."

"Everybody was really tired, but in any game where you're fighting every play or doing whatever it takes to get the job done, that is to be expected."

"It meant a lot. I think the overall objective was to get the win and finish the game, but the goose egg at the end, it was a statement for our defense. We know we can play defense against anybody."

"I felt like as a defense we knew we could do it. We watched film, we practiced hard, and we went the extra mile."

"At the end of the day, the job was done, and the goose egg was on the board. We were proud of it."

"Any time the opponent's head coach gives the pre-game speech, it's kind of exciting."

"We're not looking back at the past, we're moving forward."

"It's a big split between NC State and Carolina, you can sprinkle in a little bit of Clemson and South Carolina there with us being on the border. I swing it NC State's way."

"The remark that I got mostly was that they would be glad when I get up out of here."

"Pro-style offenses. Both definitely want to run the ball. Just like I said before the Carolina game, it plays into our hands, that's what we want to try and happen because I feel like we can stop the run."

"Those guys in front of us did a great job on Saturday."

Jay Smith

"I feel like our team is taking the season game-by-game. You've got to do that with good games and bad games."

"You've got to be able to put things behind you fast."

"I feel like it's been a work-in-progress the whole season. I feel it's come a long way since the first game."

"I think he's improved on different aspects over the course of several games."

"I feel like he's doing a good job."

"It's been a long road for Jay Smith. I feel like I've come from a long way."

"In a game I try to make those thoughts non-existent in my mind."

"You have to do that when you play football because there are times when it seems no one has your back."

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