O'Brien: "The Last Game Is Over"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media today to wrap-up the UNC win and break down Boston College.

Part I: Tom O'Brien

"I know they were a little sore and looked tired on Sunday. They have to get rested."

"I have to make sure they get ready to go play this football game. BC has always had a pretty good home advantage up there. Hopefully we'll have a nice day, won't be too cold, and we'll go and play well."

"I don't know if we improved that much. We played pretty good against Virginia and ran into a pretty dang good football team at Florida State. I think Florida State can do that, if you're not humming on all cylinders."

"That's why you forget about it and move on right away. You can't spend a lot of time worrying about them, especially when you've got to play the next one."

"I think our defense has been getting better from the second half of Central Michigan on."

"Sweezy hasn't played the way he did before he got hurt because he sit out. You just don't come back at top level but the more you play the better you get. You've got to get back in the swing of things."

"It has to. That's what we talk about. When we walk off the field and go up the tunnel on Sunday, it's over with. The last game is over with. We've made our corrections and started on the next week's opponent."

"It is more difficult because of people outside of these buildings and the surroundings."

"You have to be able to grow up."

"[Thomas Teal is] another big body in there like McGill. The two of those guys, those are the kind of guys that we need to recruit to play defense the way we want to play. J.R. Sweezy has done a great job for us, but he was a linebacker to a defensive end, to a defensive tackle. Those guys are defensive tackles."

"Looking at [Teal] through preseason camp and even the 15 plays of the first game, we were really excited with what he could do."

"I thought we could have thrown the football and protected the quarterback a little better."

"The doctors said he has a chance. If he can get on the field and practice, [R.J. Mattes] will play. If he can't, we'll go on to Plan B."

"I had a great 10 years in Boston. Boston College is a great school. My three kids graduated from the school. It's a little easier now because I don't know anyone on the football team anymore."

"He had I think four punts inside the 10-yard line and one inside the 20."

"[Coach Sheridan] called me this morning. He wanted to be the first to wish me Good Luck on number six."

"We're going to beat BC on Saturday, that's the first thing we've got to do."

"We've still got three games. We need to win two to get there."

Part II: Tom O'Brien

"It's like every week. When we see things on tape, we would ask Doug Rhoades to give us his input to if it was something that should have been called or the conference should be aware of."

"That was a solid interception wasn't it? With him laying on his back."

"Earl [Wolff], I think he is the heart of the defense. He works so hard and tries so hard. I think everybody loves him on defense because of the energy he brings to the defense. I think he gets a little bit of ribbing by a lot of guys, but he's certainly grown up a lot in the last two years."

"He's come a long way."

"You might as well as mail in 15 or 20 tackles to the NCAA right now and forget about playing the game because it's going to happen."

"He has a great knack for the football. [Kuechly] understands... he doesn't take a bad first step, he's going to find the football, and he's going to get there and make the play."

"They put a backup quarterback in who no one knew about. Basically it's almost like a wildcat offense. He was in there to run the football. He threw two passes, one was intercepted, a boot... more designated quarterback runs. 240-something pound guy... 6'4."

"I think Audie probably played as well as he has all year. I think that, he and Manning both really played well, and it's a function of them finally having guys in front of them who went the right way and ate up some blockers. They were a lot cleaner running to the football and able to make plays."

"Gee, that sounds like a good idea."

"They are similar to Virginia in they have big offensive [line] guys.... a lot of their runs are the alley runs, the same that Virginia has... they want to run the football. They are running I think 36 times and averaging I believe 27 passing attempts a game. So they are probably more tilted to the run than anyone we've played this year."

"James [Washington], that was a heckuva an effort. He didn't get anything easy. A hundred-something yards against those guys is a pretty good day for him."

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