Bright makes his case vs Nelson

Roy Bright made his presence known at the TOC with outstanding all-around play. StateFans scouted the wing player with stats, charts and a post game interview.

A case was being made in 2002 for Roy Bright as a top 25 prospect from the class of 2004. His resume was building after a superb sophomore season.


  • He was second in the state of North Carolina in scoring as a sophomore at close to 30 a game.
  • He routinely posted double-doubles and hit for 35 or more then one occasion.
  • He was a second-team all-state performer.
  • He came close to capturing the MVP award at the 2002 adidas ABCD underclassman all-star game.

Then the startling news of a sudden mid-December departure by Roy and teammate Montez Smith from Durham's Northern High School broke. The recruiting resume was put on hold for Roy as he took the time to concentrate on his academics before landing on Durham's Mount Zion team two months later.


Since, NC State has continued to look at a few other small forwards in the class of 2004. Corey Brewer, James Mays, Gavin Grant, Earl Smith, Alex Galindo, Shaun Livingston and Dave McClure are a few names being tossed around these days by recruiting analysts. Many have thought that NC State was no longer in pursuit of Bright, but according to the Michigan Hurricane wing player, that's not the case.


"They have never stopped. They changed coaches. Archie Miller was the one I was hearing from and he is at Western Kentucky now. I have heard from Larry (Harris) one time, so they are still recruiting me. I don't know for sure if they have offered me. Archie told me they had offered me but I don't know."


While Roy is not sure about an offer from NC State, he is sure about Tennessee who he says has offered him. The Volunteers run a 3 guard line-up and have Roy as their number one target at the three spot. "I like Coach Ferguson. He's a good person, good coach. I like their style of basketball. I hear from him a lot. He tells me I could fit into their program pretty good."


Other schools that are involved include UConn, Clemson, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Charlotte. According to Bright, he is in no hurry and may wait till next spring before he makes his decision. "Actually, I'm taking all the time I can get right now. I may do it (announce) during basketball season, but I'm not sure yet."


Bright showed he still had his basketball stuff at the TOC this past weekend. I watched the Michigan Hurricanes take out DeMarcus Nelson's Belmont Shore by forty points in a game that had to end early because of AAU rules that stops play when one team is ahead by twenty points or more with four minutes left in the game.


StateFans had Bright with 24 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists. Bright added another talking point to his resume by clearly outplaying Nelson who finished with 16 points and 4 turnovers. We asked Roy to give his thoughts on the future Duke player's game. "He's a very good player and a very good shooter. I think he will do pretty good at Duke."


While Roy gave props for Nelson's game, he also commented on his own game. "I got it going in the second half. I got in a little foul trouble in the first half. I'm just happy we won. That's my main thing."


Roy has big time hops that are as quick as I have seen this year. The quickness is used like a pogo stick when he goes inside and he thinks that is the strength of his game. "I think being able to play inside and out. To be able to take a big guy off the dribble or to be able to post ‘em up."


Bright also has a flare for the pass. We asked Roy about that aspect of his game and he had another name for it besides ‘flare'. "I think it's just a gift. I do work on it, but it's a gift I believe."


It should be an interesting summer to watch Bright's rankings. His TOC performance did nothing but reaffirm a case for top 25 ranking.


Roy plans to return to Mt Zion next year.

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