Archer: Boston College is Another Challenge

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's 13-0 victory over North Carolina was Tom O'Brien's first shutout win since taking over in Raleigh. Defensive coordinator Mike Archer says several factors were key in his unit's outstanding performance.

"We tackled, and we practiced better," said Archer. "Our guys were ready to play. I thought they were ready to play the week before but obviously they weren't. We went out and executed [against North Carolina. [A shutout] doesn't happen often, but it's a credit to the players and coaches.

"It's hard to do with the offenses like they are because people are going to make drives. They made two drives, but the interception at the beginning of the second half that David [Amerson] made and then the fourth-down tip Terell [Manning] made were big because they were in scoring position."

According to Archer, his gameplan for North Carolina was properly executed by the defense. The Wolfpack held the Tar Heels to just three rushing yards and knocked starting quarterback Bryn Renner out of the game in the third quarter.

"We knew going in we were going to pressure them," said Archer. "We felt like the year before that was good for us. We wanted to get the screen game cleaned up. They ran a screen on the first third-down, and we stopped it. They kind of went away from I and that helped.

"The plan was to pressure them, and we executed it. I think that was very important."

Another positive for the Wolfpack's defense was the overall tackling. Archer stated that the previous week the Wolfpack had "19 or 20" missed tackles versus Florida State, but against North Carolina they only had nine missed tackles out of 59 plays.

"You would like to stay under 10 [missed tackles]," said Archer. "Now, how many times that happens... it's a goal. It is a realistic goal, but it hasn't happened a lot this year. That probably was our best tackling game.

"Today, if you can tackle, you've got a chance. When people spread you out, you've got to tackle in space."

Now the time has come for the Wolfpack to move on from the Tar Heels and turn its attention to Boston College. The Eagles utilize a pro-style offense that is similar to North Carolina and Virginia, two teams NC State has defeated.

The Pack should be confident heading into Saturday's matchup, but Archer knows it won't be easy even if Boston College is just 2-7 this season.

"Anytime you shut someone out it gives you confidence, but now we've got to put that behind us," he said. "We have to go on the road, which is hard. We have to go up there, where we haven't won, and we've got to play better. [The North Carolina] game means nothing now. We reviewed the game on Sunday and talked about what we accomplished. We attained every goal on our goal board for the first time since we've been here.

"But, now we've got to handle prosperity. We haven't done that very well in my opinion since we've been here. We didn't do it last year... every time we were ranked we would lose. We've got to handle it better and that is mental. That is about being mature and going about your business in practice... going up there and playing better than we did last week."

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