Dwight Howard II talks college and draft

NC State continues to be mentioned by the top prospect in the nation, Dwight Howard II. StateFans caught up with Dwight after he scored 22 points and grab 11 rebounds against the Illinois Fire on Saturday.

Dream Recruit for NC State and every other Division 1 school has to be Dwight Howard II. But that's not all that are apparently dreaming of the Atlanta Celtic power forward. Some early draft boards have him as high as second in next year's NBA draft.


So what's the scoop on Howard's plan? To sit and wait… until next spring. "I'm going to wait till the late signing date. I want to weigh my options to see what I have to do to get ready to play college ball or the NBA or whatever happens."


It appears Dwight has turned the decision of college versus the NBA over to a higher authority. "Whatever God wants me to do. I'm leaning on him for all my answers and everything so whatever happens is going to happen. Whatever he wants me to do."


Dwight is preparing for both. The five star recruit is in fine academic standing at Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy and he is preparing for his SAT with special classes. "I've been taking SAT classes, so I learned some tricks, like some math tricks… how to look at the problems without having to do the math for the comparison problems by canceling out the ones that are together."


If he enters the draft straight out of High School, he still intends to get his degree. "I want to get my education. So it doesn't matter if I go to the NBA, I can come back and get my degree. So whatever happens, I'm going to get my degree."


In the mean time, Howard intends to keep an aye on the draft board. "Hopefully I will be in the top 5… top 3. If I'm not in the lottery, I'm going to go to college."


The sway of big money does not seem to be having an early influence over Howard in the early stages of his decision. , Dwight is not overwhelmed by the Millions LeBron James got in his recent Nike Deal. We asked him if the dollars were an enticement at this point. "No sir, I don't need any money right now. But he's LeBron James and he can play."


Dwight's official visit list includes; Duke, UNC, Tech, Florida and probably NC State. He was planning an unofficial visit to Duke this past weekend but that was dependent on if his parents got there in time.


* On a personal note, I have interviewed a lot of players in last couple of years. Not taking anything away from the great kids I have talked to in the past, but Dwight seems to be one of the most grounded athletes I have ever spoken with. He is both articulate and sharp with his answers. He has a great personality and a smile that is worth millions alone… not to mention his basketball talents.

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