Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media following tonight's win over UNC Asheville.

Mark Gottfried

Opening Statement:
I like the win for a lot of reasons. I talked about it with our team. That's a very well-coached, scrappy team that has senior guards that have won a lot of games.

We knew at halftime they weren't going to go away or lay down.

We had to dig down and we had to get some defensive stops at key times.

When did you learn about the situation with C.J. Leslie and Thomas De Thaey?
Really just the last couple of days. We, our staff have not been involved in that.

It's a part of life. You have to play through everything... I like the fact that our guys did that tonight.

What is De Thaey's situation?
I think it's more of our own evaluation of the whole amateurism. I think sometimes with international students those things come up. We're hoping it will be quick.

Our staff will do a great job with that, and it's not atypical. It happens often with international students sometimes.

Is the NCAA involved in that?
Yes, they are but I don't know all the details.

Can you talk about the lift DeShawn Painter gave you?
I thought DeShawn was really solid on both ends of the floor. I like that he had two-handed, tough, traffic rebounds. You talk about rebounding and then there are traffic rebounds... defensively he did a nice job. He was very effective tonight.

Tyler Harris gave you a lift in the second half.
He did. He made a big shot at the top of the key, and I like the fact that for a freshman he has courage. He's not afraid. When you're playing a team like that with so many seniors on the floor, you're a little hesitant at times.

When he went in I thought he did a good job on both ends of the floor... that's what you've got to do as a young player and that's how you improve your minutes.

Thoughts on Lorenzo Brown's play.
I thought early in the game he was terrific, especially on the break... we talk about making the right pass... he's learning all of those things. I thought the first half in the break, he was terrific.

He had nine assists tonight with just three turnovers. He's getting better. It's going to be a process with him, but I like how he played tonight, especially early.

Why did the jacket come off?
Ah, some disagreements with me and the three guys in stripes, but they did a nice job. I got a little animated.

Lorenzo said he liked it, showed that you cared.
Well, I do care, but it's a part of coaching. It's a part of being over there on the sideline.

How was it being on the sidelines after a couple of years?
Fun. I was anxious for myself and the team... it was fun.

Do you feel like you have the personnel to fit the uptempo style that you want to run?
Yes, I do, but we have to learn how to run.

We still turn it over too many times... which we've got to clean up, but we're trying to play a little faster than these returning players have played before so it is going to be an adjustment for them.

Can you share the conversation you had with Calvin after the incident?
No. 1, he has accepted the responsibility, and then you move on.

Even tonight, I think that his teammates cheer for him a lot and his role is to cheer for them. Which he did, he did very well.

I told him the good news is luckily for us we play Friday, Sunday, and Wednesday. Three games will go by pretty quick.

It's a temporary setback. It's a part of life. It's a part of growing up, maturing in life. He handled it well.

Real efficient outing for Richard. Can you talk about that?
Richard played a lot of minutes... it's a tough matchup for Jordan, they had no one really big in there so for him to guard a 6'5 guy running all over the floor is hard.

Richard and DeShawn were the only true post players that we had tonight that could guard and play in that kind of a game.

I thought he was good... he ran the floor, rebounded the ball really well. He played pretty solid. I don't know that he could have done that carrying 25 more pounds on him. I don't know if the stamina would have been there.

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