Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following tonight's win over Morehead State.

Deshawn Painter

"It's a really good offense that kind of fits my game. Coach has been really hard on me to play well. We have guys that are out right now and I'm just trying to step up. I'm doing everything I can to help this team win ball games."

"I have the mindset that I'm going to go out there and play hard regardless. That's just for show, it looks good but at the end of the day if I can help this ball club win games, that's the most important part and that's what feels good."

"All summer, they've been really hard on us, especially the bigs to be able to run. We try to do well in transition. I've always been able to run and I've been in shape but it's just emphasized that you really have to step up."

Richard Howell

"It definitely makes me feel better. It makes it a lot easier to get up and when we dunk we get excited."

"We're tall enough but we're also quick enough. We want to play up and down. We have athletic guys. We definitely like to play up-tempo."

"Coach Gottfried has pushed and pushed and it's definitely paying off. We owe things like that to the coaching staff. They are putting us in the situation where we don't have no choice but to succeed. They are putting us in the right place on offense and on the defensive end."

"The main difference is we wanted to win last year but maybe the effort wasn't quite there. I wouldn't say the effort wasn't there but everybody is playing a lot harder. Nobody is worried about who is getting the ball we are just passing the ball and we just want to win the ball game."

Scott Wood

"It was a good game, I think we did a real good job of sharing the ball and getting everybody involved."

"It was really frustrating the first night getting all those fouls and not being able to play and get in a flow so tonight I came out just showing my hands and playing a little smarter."

"We tried to focus on getting it inside and establishing something inside. [Richard Howell] and [Deshawn Painter] did a great job."

"It was big, just for our confidence and to know that we can play a whole entire 40 minutes and not have any letdowns. We did a good job of that. Like I said, we let a couple slip here and there but we did a good job of playing a complete game."

"Being unselfish, like I said. 15 assist on 16 baskets is pretty good and I think everybody is sacrificing a little bit but in the long run I think it's going to benefit everybody. It was just from the start of offseason. We all got together and said 'hey, there were a lot of times where if we stuck together and relied on our teammates instead of ourselves we'd have had a better outcome for a lot of games.' We took it upon ourselves to step up and be unselfish."

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