Graham, Wolff Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- T.J. Graham and Earl Wolff met with the media today to discuss Saturday's game versus Clemson.

T.J. Graham

"You can't stop everyone. Just because you play a cover two defense to stop the post or a bracket to stop us running deep routes, you have George Bryan underneath, you have running backs running option routes and what not. Just because you stop me doesn't mean you stop the offense so it doesn't really matter."

"We watched film and clearly energy was a factor. We're energized by the crowd, there wasn't very much crowd there. We feel like we go into a hostile environment, the more people yell, rant, cheer and boo us that energizes us. There wasn't very much of that Saturday. It was their senior day and they came out with the fire and intensity to beat us. A couple of plays you could see the pass rush trying to tackle Mike you can kinda see in the actions of the defenders that they were really amped up to come and beat us."

"We didn't really match the intensity that they brought, it was frustrating in that sense that we couldn't get over that hump. If you see us last week against UNC you can kind of tell that we play better at home, we're a lot more energized and it was our rival so we had a lot of intensity. We just didn't apply that to this week, clearly."

"I'm not old but I kind of recognize the people around me. The new age of people, a new age of players, we get energized by different things, whether it be your uniform, music, crowd, stadium, opponent so it's kind of hard for a lot of us to get energized when it's a small crowd, same opponent, nothing fancy uniform wise, no new music or something. It's got to be something different to kind of give you that edge. With UNC, we had something to fight for, it was five in a row so that was something new, something different, and it's your rival game. You don't play them every week and it was at home. Luckily we have two more home games to try and clinch a bowl game, hopefully we can use that to our advantage."

"Defense are playing to us, as in like last weekend. We could kind of tell that they prepared for us, they had a Thursday night game the week before so they had a couple of extra days to prepare for us and they clearly had prepared for us because there were a lot of sets that we would spread out in and they would kind of figure out the play that we potentially could run. What we have to do offensively is execute more, execute perfectly. At the beginning of the year you don't have much game tape to watch of your opponent so a lot of teams can't really game plan, we can switch it up and mix it up, but we've got 10 games under our belt now so it's not much switching up you can do."

"We're down, but that's when we play our best, when our backs are against the wall and stuff like that. We're not a front-running type team. We like to be in a hole, it's kind of fun. You've noticed for the past couple of years we've made it tough on ourselves somehow. We always come out."

Earl Wolff

"I think we played pretty solid in the second half. We gave up 14 points pretty quick, I wish we could have done something different about that but we came out in the second half, adjusted and played better in the second half."

"I would think people need to step up and be leaders. Defensively, we have a couple of leaders and offensively we have a couple of leaders but I notice we never really said anything to each other. Defense stays with defense, offense stays with offense. Maybe the defense could start encouraging the offense a little more and the offense can start encouraging the defense a little more. That could help our team morale."

"A spread offense (like Clemson's) makes the corners tackle and the safeties tackle and the linebackers run sideline to sideline. We have good enough athletes, you know Terrell, Audie and Dwayne, they are sideline to sideline, our corners are pretty solid tacklers, Brandon Bishop and I are pretty solid tacklers. It's going to be a challenge."

"[Sammy Watkins] is a great player, he's going to be real good. He already is real good, he's something special. You never really see a freshman coming in that makes as many plays as he is. He's not real cocky to me, he seems quiet on the field. He'll score and toss the ball to the ref and keep it going. To me, from watching him on film, he's pretty mature for a freshman. Great athlete."

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