Archer: "He Is The Catalyst"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State defensive coordinator Mike Archer spoke with the media following Tuesday's practice, and he expressed his concern with Clemson's high-powered offense.

Mike Archer

How good has Terrell Manning been for you lately?
Since he came back, he's been pretty good, even in the Florida State game he was good. And, I know the score didn't reflect it.

He's productive. He is a playmaker... the sacks, the tackles, the caused fumbles. That's what he does for this defense.

What is the biggest challenge for you this week?
There's a lot of them. They are very talented. Obviously their skill people with Watkins, Hopkins, and Dwayne Allen, they are the best we've played against. Ellington, the tailback, we didn't play against last year, he was hurt. Tajh Boyd... they are pretty impressive.

They are leading the league in offense and leading the league in scoring. It's going to be a great challenge. Hopefully, that's why these kids here, to play ageist the best. It's going to be the best offense we've faced.

What are your thoughts on Tajh Boyd?
He is the key. He is the catalyst that drives their offense. He throws it, but he also runs it. He keeps the chains moving. I think that's the most important thing.

He's done a good job of leading their offense.

They really extend drives on third down.
That's the thing. They've been able to convert third-and-longs, but they've also been able to convert third-and-three or four running the football. With most people, that's pretty much an 85-90% passing situation. Not with this group.

They can run the quarterback draw, they can run the quarterback power out of empty... get in empty and run the ball. With most people, when they see empty they think pass... not wit this team.

They really seem to move Sammy Watkins around a lot.
You have to know where he is at. He could be in the boundary, he could be in the field, he could be in the slot.

Obviously they know he is very talented, and they are trying to get the ball to him. When you have good players you've got to get them the football, and they've done a good job of moving him around. We have to be aware of where he is.

The other guy you've got to be aware of is No. 83, Dwayne Allen. A lot of times they are together. They'll be in the boundary together and when they are in the boundary together there is a pretty good chance the ball is going there.

What was the key to performance against BC in the second half?
Well, I think basically our guys woke up. The first drive, it was embarrassing. They scored in about two minutes and then we calmed down.

The disappointing thing was the touchdown at the end of the half on third-and-seven. If we force a field goal, who knows what happens? In the second half, we said they aren't doing anything different. We've got to pick it up. This is a winnable game.

They didn't quit. They fought and gave us a chance. Those are the things you've got to do.

How has J.R. Sweezy progressed?
I think he is still rusty but having practiced helps him get into game shape. The fact that he is practicing, he is getting better and he was more physical on Saturday.

He is going to play against a pretty good offensive line this week.

How about T.Y. McGill?
Well, he is no longer a freshman, he's a sophomore. He has played I think eight or nine games for us, and he has played more reps. You see him getting more comfortable and knowing what to do.

Earlier in the season he didn't have any idea. They were telling him borderline what to do. Now I think he is more comfortable.

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