Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tom O'Brien spoke with the media following the Pack's upset win over Clemson on Saturday night at Carter-Finley Stadium.

Tom O'Brien

"I really have no explanation for just what happened."

"What a great effort on defense. Basically give up two field goals and the first one is on the turnover - thank God they didn't give up the touchdown. Well actually the short punt - we thought it was a turnover."

"Offensively we did what we had to do."

"Here we are again in this situation. How are we gonna come next week? That's the biggest question that has to be answered. We can't have a big win and then not play well next week. So the focus is already on getting ourselves ready for next week to play Maryland."

"At the mid-year break we put in that screen game. Certainly a team like Clemson that plays a ton of man-to-man coverage gives you that opportunity."

"Better save [the Gatorade bath] till the bowl game. Till we are done. Till we win."

"[Manning] is playing at a very high level and we need him to play that way. But I think it still comes back to the guys up front who are giving him the opportunity to make those plays."

"I'm still mad at them for last week and I'll never forgive them for that one. The only way they can make it up to me is beat Maryland."

"You don't intercept the ball in that situation - I don't care if you are going for the record or not. You have to knock that ball down - its fourth down. That's dumb football."

"But I'm happy for him - because we won. At that point I wasn't too happy with him."

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