O'Brien: "We'll Be Ready To Go"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following Wednesday's practice.

Tom O'Brien

"I think they are focused. I think they understand the task ahead of them."

"We don't talk about [last year's game] at all. Last year's team was in a different situation… we've heard all week, we keep hearing every time we talk to you all about the Maryland curse or whatever."

"We need to make sure we go and play the best game we can on Saturday."

"The offense is a fast-paced offense like when we played Clemson last week. They may be even faster than Clemson at the line of scrimmage. A lot of the same concepts that you would get in a spread offense. They seem to be running the ball more the second half of the year than they did the first half."

"They certainly found a quarterback. He's certainly dangerous pulling the ball down and taking off and running… I think that's what we're preparing for on defense."

"They've been kind of like us on defense, banged up…"

"It will be a challenge. We'll be ready to go."

"I think losing Rieskamp was a big loss in the defensive end rotation and once the injuries occurred and McGill starting playing inside, we saw what we had with McGill. It was an obvious opportunity to get Brian [Slay] outside… certainly each and every week that he has played there he's got better."

"We play pretty good at home. Our crowd really makes a difference to this football team. It's all about us and our preparation this week and this team, with how it matches up with Maryland to go forward."

"The bowl is a big carrot. The seventh win is a heckuva lot better than six. For these seniors to go out and go to three bowls in four years is where you want to be as you move forward in this program."

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