Shane Lucas graduates from Hargrave

Shane Lucas is set to graduate this Saturday from Hargrave Military Academy. He also doesn't plan any extended vacation, as he hopes to be at NC State in June. StateFans caught up with the Wolfpack signee to get a spring update.

Shane Lucas hasn't been available to talk about his recruiting or signing with NC State for awhile now. But he has had good reason. Shane has been busy with the disciplinary life that Hargrave Military Academy demands. But don't let me stumble through the words in describing Shane's mission. Let Hargrave speak to the prep program they run in a military environment:


·        Hargrave Military Academy is committed to providing a quality education to all of its students. The academic program of each prep student is under constant supervision by the Academic Dean and the post-graduate academic advisor. Whether the student is taking academic courses for strengthening in English, reading, math, or science, or taking advanced courses in writing, math computers or science, each student is closely monitored to assist them in achieving the maximum results in their individual academic growth. The "How to Study" Program, and the SAT prep program which implements the Onishi Learning Center's computers, have been well received by our post-graduate students. Most prep students at Hargrave carry four or five core academic subjects, thus allotting time in their schedule to spend classroom and weight training time with their respective coaches.


It all sounds like a lot to go through on top of the everyday recruiting routine that great Hargrave players already have to deal with. But the people who go there and finish what they start really seem to appreciate the experience. When I asked Shane about the academy, the busy schedule, and the everyday life at Hargrave, he had everything positive to say with no regrets at all. "I have been here for a year and I graduate this Saturday. It has been a very good experience for me. The discipline I have learned here is good for my academics and athletics."


The military has a way of setting individual egos aside. You also will find the same on Hargrave's football field. They have a roster of 70 players and most are college prospects. According to Shane, playing time and stats are not the point at Hargrave. "I have been able to play with some of the best players in the nation here. I am able to see how I compare against them everyday. This is a prep school so we play a lot of players. So the stats are not high. I had 68 tackles for the year. I just go in and do the best I can."


Off season training? More of the same. It's all about the time management at Hargrave. "It is hard up here with the schedule I'm on, but I try to stay in shape by running in the afternoon."


Shane's valuable experience will be over soon. He is set to graduate on Saturday, but as he has learned at the academy, no time goes unfilled. He wants to get down to NC State as soon as possible to get a jump on his academics by taking a class or two.


When he arrives, he will be reunited with a couple of players he has gotten to know through the recruiting process. Two that he named in particular were DeMarcus "Tank" Tyler and Kalani Heppe. "I got to meet some of the players at the Red-White game. Tank Tyler and Manny Lawson played a good game. I also know Kalani Heppe. These are all good people and that's what it's all about…. Surrounding myself with these types of people."


Once he gets down to Raleigh to begin his NC State career, it appears Shane will take things one day and one game at a time. We asked Shane about the third game of the upcoming season against Ohio State in Columbus, but he was not having any part of looking to far forward. "I think it's important to just play them one game at a time. I think we can win against anybody though. State has some great coaches and the have some great players coming in this year."


Shane was the last of the 2004 commitments. We asked him why he waited so near signing date to make his choice known. "I have wanted to go to NC State for a long time. I made a silent commitment on my visit (January 17th) but I kept it quiet until signing day. There are a lot of players up here and a whole lot of coaches are around. So I just wanted to keep it quiet." Shane did just that, holding his announcement until one day after the football dead period had begun on February 4th, 2003.

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