PC: Pack Talks Belk Bowl

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien, AD Debbie Yow, Belk Bowl rep Will Webb, and several players met with the media today to discuss the Wolfpack playing in the 2011 Belk Bowl.

AUDIO: Belk Bowl Press Conference

NC State AD Debbie Yow
"We want to welcome Will Web to Raleigh, North Carolina. Will has been the executive director of the bowl since right after the first bowl, he's a attorney by trade and we've been visiting with him throughout the year. Coach will have some additional comments, but we're thrilled to be coming to Charlotte. We consider Charlotte our second home actually, it's a terrific venue for our fans because we have so many thousands living within a four hour radius of Charlotte and we expect to more than sellout our portion of the tickets. We'll probably be asking for some extras as well."

"We didn't know absolutely but we hoped that it was going to be Charlotte. Chris Kingston was keeping me up to date, I think we were bugging Will. Between Chris, myself and coach I think we made it clear that this is where we wanted to go. Looking forward to the game, it's going to be a challenging game. There is going to be a lot of red in the stadium that night."

Belk Bowl Rep Will Webb
"We're glad to have you and look forward to all the State fans coming to Charlotte. I told Coach O'Brien that the Maryland game gave me a few palpitations because y'all were very high on our radar before that. That games was tough. I'm glad you made it through it and I'm looking forward to seeing all the Wolfpack fans in Charlotte."

"Selection Sunday is always interesting. I was 90+ percent sure the last few days that NC State was going to be our choice My fear was that two would go up and somebody that got to choose ahead of me would take State. That didn't happen. Everybody on our board had been very enthusiastic about the possibility of State coming to Charlotte. We were glad to have that work out."

NC State Head Coach Tom O'Brien
"Certainly we're excited about the opportunity to continue our season. At a point probably seven games ago it looked like we might not be on anyone's radar but thanks to this football team, we finally started getting healthy, got our guys back and we said that's what we had to do. This is mainly attributed to the character of this football team. It's an exciting trip, I've been to Will's bowl before, had a great time at Boston College. It's a good venue and a good opportunity for this team for their families to make it because certainly North Carolina is important to us and our fans as we go forward in recruiting."

"It was a question of getting the first score (in the Maryland game). Certainly them getting the first score in the third quarter was not good but as I said afterwards, fire all your bullets. Once we got the first touchdown there was a little different feel to it. Certainly getting two touchdowns basically within the last seven minutes of the third quarter put the game within reachable situation. The turnover was huge for the defense and then all of a sudden it was very doable. You could tell the whole atmosphere changed from that point on."

"The biggest perk for me is that it's a reward for their hard work. They certainly wanted to be in a bowl game to be able to play in a game in our home state, a couple of hours down the road is even a bigger benefit for us. We don't have to get on an airplane. From the coaching standpoint it's the start of next year in some respects because right now, as we practice, all we're trying to do is maintain these guys. In a regular practice sequence you wouldn't get any of the redshirt freshman or scout team guys any work at all. They are getting as much work or in some cases even more. It's pre-season camp, basically."

Senior Tight End George Bryan
"I've dreamed about (being in a race car). I've never been in one, I'm excited. I told a couple of the guys that I'm going to get in that car and tell the dude that if he doesn't blow the engine up, then I'm out of there. I'm getting in, I promise."

"This is who I wanted to spend Christmas with, I didn't want to go home. My family comes up, my family wanted me to be playing football. They enjoy coming to the bowl games, last year they had a great time and this year they are going to have a great time. It's just in Charlotte, they can drive down there and spend time with me."

Senior Defensive Tackle J.R. Sweezy
"We are a family, the football team and it's great to spend time with the guys over Christmas and stuff. We did it last year and it was a great time, great experience. We get to do it again."

"We knew we could do it the whole time, we just stuck in there got to work and got healthy. Won some ball games like we knew we did."

Junior Quarterback Mike Glennon
"My family is a lot farther away than these guys but this has been my home away from home the past four years now. When you play at a school like NC State you kind of expect to stay for Christmas and be with your teammates. Doesn't really come as any surprise, it's kind of playing at a good school like this."

"I feel much more comfortable. Each game you take something away and learn from it and build on the next week. I feel much more comfortable going into game 13 than I did game one. There were ups and downs but to get to a bowl game, and hopefully we'll win, it would be a great way to finish the year."

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